Places to meet middle aged women?

Hello everybody. My name is Lil Voke. I am a young creative introvert who uses art, storyboarding, and screenwriting to cope with boredom. I stopped by because I am looking for some places that I can go to meet middle aged women. I’ve always had a soft spot for these type of women since I was 20. I feel like they are more loyal than younger women. They are more experienced than me. I know that meeting people online is dangerous. I know how to accept rejection and give people their personal space. I never plan on having any kids in my future because being a parent is super duper hard and it is a lot of work. I’m doing my best to make sure I remain quiet, mature, mild-mannered, productive, loyal, compliant, levelheaded, chill, humble, and easygoing. It’s the fact that I am diagnosed with anxiety and autism. Older people are the kind of people that I like to socialize with. I want to make these people proud and would love to show them some of my work. Anytime I draw older women on my notebooks, I thought about wanting to get with one. I really want an older girlfriend. Are there any places in the world that I can go to in order to meet middle aged women?

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