Please stop posting photoshops of Vladimir Putin as a monkey

It should be pretty evident, to anyone with a modicum of deductive skills that is, that there is a concerted effort by shills to delegitimize the figure of President Putin. Seriously, in the span of a few days, our board has been filled with freaking HUNDREDS of derogatory images where Putin is likened to a monkey. Like I get this is the price for not bending the knee to the NWO and its satanic subversion of traditional societies but still, this is going too far. Imagine a Head of State giving his best to save the white race just to have some pawns of libtardism pumping those ebin le monke memes at him. This is outrageous and these threads need to be banned. Whenever a new thread trying to make Putin look short or like a primate is created, cultural marxism dances in joy as they encroach on the Western values that Putin incarnates. And yeah, Putin might be slightly shorter than average height and like 180 cm at most but his moral stature is freaking HUGE so yeah, whenever you think you’re being so cool and marvellous with your damn le monke memes, keep in mind that Rothschilds are smiling at your action! Seriously, guys, stop. You’re hurting the white race.

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