Are there any games where you play by coding?

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  1. Turing Complete (currently in Steam early access, but it’s in a pretty good state) goes a bit further than just programming: you build a whole 8-bit computer architecture from the ground up in small steps, create your own instructions and assembly, then complete a number of programming challenges with your self-made assembly.

  2. Any Minecraft modpack, especially with Applied Energistic. I cannot stress enough how this mod is incredible. Setting up various networks really feels like coding/engineering.

    Also, [](, where you make leeks fight by writing their AIs.

  3. I’ve asked the same thing, and you might like modding games. You just add onto what you already like with your own spin. Minecraft, Rust, Stardew, roblox even. Might sound dumb but worth a shot 🙂

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