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  1. Hi everyone!

    After many cups of coffee and many more hours of hard work, I launched my free Open source Chrome extension: **BetterViewer**

    BetterViewer makes image viewing faster, easier, and more fun.

    BetterViewer was designed as a replacement for the image viewing mode built into Chrome-based web browsers.

    With BetterViewer you can use various keyboard shortcuts to quickly pan, zoom images, edit and a lot more!


    * Zoom in / Zoom Out / Reset
    * Fullscreen
    * Rotate Left / Rotate Right
    * Flip Horizontal / Flip Vertical
    * Crop Image
    * Paint
    * Download Image
    * Upload Image to
    * Color picker
    * Image Details
    * Change background color (Dark / Light / Blurred)
    * Print Image
    * Extract Text from Image

    📌 **Product Hunt**:

    📌 **Chrome Web Store**:

    📌 **GitHub**:

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