Git cheat sheet for developers

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  1. +1 for it not being a pixel image of text.

    > Create a new branch called new_branch
    > $ git branch new_branch

    Wouldn’t one use `git checkout -b new_branch` for all real world use cases?

  2. Probably also worth differentiating between the two main types of clone:

    git clone https://some.git/org/repo.git

    Uses user name and password credentials, which is different than:

    git clone [email protected]:org/repo.git

    which uses SSH key pairs.

    And both are different again from setting up access tokens for tools with services like GitHub or Gitlab. It heavily depends if you’re making a read only tell, forking an existing repo, or administrating your item repo.

    It can greatly affect your experience as a developer trying to get work done if you checkout a repo using the wrong command, and changing origins can be a faff if you’re not used to `git remote -v` and associated commands.

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