A girl approaches you and says “pretend we are friends. I am being followed.”what would you do?

A girl approaches you and says “pretend we are friends. I am being followed.”what would you do?

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  1. Watch my wallet and probably go along with it and ask her to point out my target. I would be very cautious though because shes in my circle and on my radar

  2. Agree, then tell her to walk ahead of me, so I’m safe in case she’s trying to entrap me.
    But also keep up conversation. Once we’re to her safe place, maybe just camp outside for a minute to make sure nobody else comes up.

  3. “Lizzy! You old spaz!! Long time no see! How is the spider farm going? We should totally set up a new group chat for the… you know… because some of us can’t really play… I, I know… I hate to say it, but… it’s true. So we want you back baby girl!!”

  4. Pretend she’s my best friend and take her to a shop that has a lot of foot traffic that’s populated with many people.

    Note: Never follow someone somewhere whether it’s a child or a grown woman. They could be working for sex traffickers.

  5. Do exactly that, start a conversation and try to make look like we know each other while trying to get her into a public place like a café so we can call for help. Worst case try to protect her from an attack as good as I can

  6. I’d say “Omg I almost didn’t recognize you! It’s been like forever. You cut your hair, it looks amazing. How have you been? How’s the job? Tell me everything!”

  7. Probably mind my business. people are shooting people over the smallest things, not trying to be involved with two strangers, one of which is obviously off from the get go cause they’re following someone

  8. I would help and pretend that we’re siblings and tell her the the stranger that is following how I have an arsenal of weapons. I would then say how if anyone touches her, then they would meet death.

  9. I would probably play along. Never happened to me, so I can’t say for sure, but I want to say I have enough fortitude to do that. I hope I don’t have to. I mean, we figure it out together, probably not the most relaxing evening, but then again life is life.

  10. This happened to me at a park parking lot. She just wanted me to stay with her while she got her kid in the car because someone was following her

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