A man, his wife, and two children knock on your door, you answer and the father says, “I’m sorry to trouble you, but may I ask you to provide us a meal?” What would YOU do in this situation from your current position in life?

A man, his wife, and two children knock on your door, you answer and the father says, “I’m sorry to trouble you, but may I ask you to provide us a meal?” What would YOU do in this situation from your current position in life?

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  1. I would ask them to please wait, throw together a bag of something they can have now, something they can take and save, and ask wtf is going on that they have to go door to door asking for food while giving it to them.

    Food Stamps and the Food Bank exist… something weird going on there if not just a lack of being educated in the resources available.

  2. Ask them to wait outside while I fetched a basket of bread, peanut butter, jelly, and every other non-refrigerated non-can opener requiring food I had in the house. Literally everything.

    Then, after they left, I would inevitably come across a box of biscuits I overlooked and feel guilty for the rest of the week.

  3. I’d set them up outside with whatever I could put together. Then, I’d eat with them, get to know them a bit and see if I could point them in the direction of some useful services. After, we’d have dessert and I’d send them off with a care package of whatever non-perishables I had.

    If they’re locals, I would set a weekly dinner date for them to return. I’d do it more often, but I wouldn’t be able to afford more.

  4. my parents would invite them straight in despite not being very well off at all. as would my girlfriend and i. even if we weren’t able to provide them with a full hot meal, we always have stuff like supernoodles and pasta packets and picky food that you cook from frozen. help urself, pick what u want we’ll do it for u, and if there’s anything you need you can have it if we have spare. nobody should suffer like that

  5. This would be unusual where I live, so to be honest, if it happened I’d probably give them a few hundred bucks to get back in their feet. It’s a good feeling to be in a position to be able to help
    somebody else up.

    More than 20 years ago, I went hungry and was almost homeless. Promised myself I would never be in that situation again, but I still remember how hopeless it feels. I would have liked a leg up back then.

  6. I have two aggressive German Shepards. Plus I have a doorbell camera. If I don’t know who you are, I don’t go to the door. But, if I did, I would give them a loaf of bread, 4 bottles of water, and a jar of peanut butter, and jelly. There is a church in town that has free breakfast every day. I would give them the address.

  7. I would hook em up with a meal. I wouldn’t let them in my house but they can sit on the stoop and get the Ham Steak/Stuffing & mashed potato/Canned Corn special I give my own fam at least once a week. It’s cheap and it fills you up.

  8. I meal prep so as long as they arrive before Wednesday I can heat up some meals and feed them, with that being said I’m not 100% sure I’d invite them inside but my place has a garden that’s nice to sit in, if it’s after Wednesday then I’m sorry but you will have to play rock paper scissors to see who gets left out.

  9. Let them in and feed them. Let them spend the night if need be.

    But I also live in a country with much much lower crime rates than the US and next to no violent crime (murders are practically unheard of here, national news when they happen – rarely) so I didn’t really grow up in the same culture of fear or stranger danger (except the no talking to strangers as a child)

  10. What do they look like? I mean if they are wearing Gucci clothes, I’m not giving them much, just enough to get some energy and go to the nearest pawn shop. But if they actually seem that they need it, I would take them out to eat with a 20€ limit each (a lot for here), and then give them 100 bucks

  11. Simply say No.
    Calmly close the door.
    If one person in this neighborhood knew I was handing out free food
    .and didn’t help they family.

    I would have no tires on my car in the morning.

    To not help one family means i can continue to take care of my family small price to pay.

  12. Let’s change it a bit. 3 days after an apocalypse, (pick anyone) your scenario. If by some mistake I have opened the door, I would tell them I have nothing, and they have 30 seconds to leave before they are all shot.

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