Adults of Reddit 40 and over, what do you wish you had known about aging?

Adults of Reddit 40 and over, what do you wish you had known about aging?

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  1. I find myself wishing I had one of those little booklets they give you in the 5th grade about puberty. Is it normal to throw my back out making the bed? Do I need to start taking extra vitamins? Should I be concerned if I pee a little when I sneeze? As I begin my 40s I feel woefully unprepared.

  2. Poor diet decisions in the younger years form poor habits that are much harder to break. The adage “Invest early, invest often” does not just apply to financial advice, but also health and overall growth.

  3. Sports injuries…that ligament in my knee that was damaged when I was 17 hurts like hell now if I try to run fast. My knuckles crack and pop from meaningless trainings and games. The toe that I broke kicking a ball 20 years ago looks gnarly now and I don’t like to wear sandals.

  4. Not quite there myself but feel like I’m close enough to comment. If you like physical activities like snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, running marathons, long hikes, etc then you should do all of those things as much as you can early on in your life because by the time you hit your early 30s your body can’t handle the activities and the recovery from them as well. Don’t get me wrong, you can still do those things for much longer but it’s almost like hangovers for me nowadays. Used to be able to run 10 miles or snowboard multiple days in a row without much repercussion just like I used to be able to go out on the town and crush drinks until 2 am without much of a hangover but if I do those things now I basically have to schedule my next day around the recovery and it makes the activity itself much less desirable compared to other things. The catch 22 is that you need to do more to stay in shape when you’re older than you did in your younger years.

  5. You get sick of listening to your parents bitch every morning about something hurting?

    That’ll be you in a few years. The thing I miss most about my 20s wasn’t the hard partying or the bachelor lifestyle, I miss nothing hurting.

    So should you take care of your body and be careful or go out, act crazy, and break a few bones? I was a martial artist so I went with the latter… regrets.

  6. Football (rugby league/union) injuries have long term effects. A sprained ankle at 18 or 19 equates to a sore ankle on cold mornings from your early 30’s. I loved playing football, but for amateur players there is discomfort as you age with no reward but memories.

  7. When I was really young I thought I would magically morph into a better, wiser, somehow DIFFERENT person as I got older, but it didn’t happen. I am just me inside still. I thought I would feel much worse than I actually do in my 60’s though – maybe the 70’s won’t be so horrible.

  8. I will sum it don’t do sports, workout safely, eat well, learn as much as you can about everything, don’t go into unnecessary debt, and invest.

  9. I wish I ate better in my 20’s and 30’s. I was able to get my cholesterol under control, but I’m now diabetic. I was having a tough time controlling it with diet alone, so I’ve been working out for a couple of hours (gym and walking a LOT) every day hoping exercise will help.

  10. That once you leave a life organized in yearly stages (grade levels in school, years of university broken up by summer hiatuses) that life can become so consistently monotonous that before you know it 7 years has gone by and it feels like you’re stuck in Groundhog Day. Make sure you punctuate your adult life with big changes and adventures. Build memories or before you know it you’re 40 wondering “what the fuck did I do in my 30s?”

  11. That it happens to everybody, and efforts to reverse it get more and more difficult the older you get. If I go a month without working out and decide to start up again, it takes me a couple of weeks to feel good enough to begin a routine.

    Hangovers come at a huge cost – at least a 2 day recovery, and sometimes 3 if I really tie one on.

    Tattoos look a lot better on you when you’re 24 than they do at 48. Styles also change. My Celtic armband looked awesome in the 90’s. Today it looks like something from the 90’s.

    It’s a real mindfuck to see your parents become old and frail, and you’re never prepared for the first time you walk into a room and it takes a few minutes for your dad to remember who you are. Soon he won’t know who I am at all.

  12. That you’ll have the dreams of a 20 year old, but motivation will be hard to come by. Also, in some aspects, you become a persona non grata.

  13. That aging isn’t really bad, so long as you take good care of your mind and body and prepare your finances. Interests are more varied, and you have the perspective and experience to get the most out of them.

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