Aging Redditors, what one thing have you personally experienced, that confirmed “yes, I’m getting old”?

Aging Redditors, what one thing have you personally experienced, that confirmed “yes, I’m getting old”?

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  1. I don’t understand the jokes people ten years younger than me tell and the music they listen to. I once tried to regain some youthful confidence by working myself through TikTok and Twitch but that made me feel even older.

  2. Happened about ten years ago for me. I was changing in the gym and sort of felt amused by all the young guys trying to change clothes without being naked at any point. And then I realized I’ve become one of the old guys who stopped giving a damn about modesty, because nobody’s trying to look at this, and more importantly I want to get my crotch fully dry so I don’t get jock itch.

  3. I can’t drink like I used too without feeling bad for a couple of days. I can’t stay up all night and work anymore. I’d rather take naps than have fun, everything hurts for no reason. Loud music pisses me off lol I could keep going. All downhill after 30.

  4. Saw the phrase: *Quirked up white boy with a little big of swag busts it down sexual style…is he goated with the sauce?*

    And realized it was an entire sentence of slang and I couldn’t decipher it.

  5. My parents used to listen to compilations of 60s, 70s and 80s music, plus radio stations would have segments broken down into decades in the same way. When they started to do the same thing with the 90s, I knew I was getting old.

  6. When I found wiry, grey hairs winding their wiggly way out of my ears and I struggled to cut them with scissors as they were too tough.

    I then plucked them.

    So yeah, every now and then I need to pluck my ears.

    And other places as well.

  7. Fondly recalling the days when I wrote my stories on a typewriter and not a vile, inhuman wordprocessor.

    This year, for my birthday, my friends bought me an old Remington Monarch typewriter built in 1966.

    She needed a little TLC to get her working again, and that was an other piece of joy to do that!

    I call her Ingrid and use her to type my first draft manuscripts!

    Sheer Bliss!

  8. Watching Stranger things and going ‘these are literally ALL children…these are babies. We’ve got toddlers and fetuses trying to save the world while the only adults are off in Russia having their own teen romance arch. And also *damn* Hopper looks good.”

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