Americans, do you think the US presidential election would be better if younger people were candatites instead of people over 70? Why or Why not?

Americans, do you think the US presidential election would be better if younger people were candatites instead of people over 70? Why or Why not?

What do you think?

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  1. course it would be. Older candidates are out of touch, dont understand innovation. That said it doesnt matter because younger people dont vote at nearly the same rates as older people. Till that changes more of the same.

  2. Youngest to run is 35.

    That being said, I think members of Congress as well as the executive branch should be subject to much more extreme vetting and for Christ’s sake term limits in the legislative branch needs to be a thing.

  3. For something like govt, I’d rather people have a lot more experience rather than “passionate ideas” to run on. They may have good ideas but they’re very unlikely to actually follow through on it if they don’t have the tools/hands/connections to get it done.

  4. Yeah Obama was only 48 when he was elected and that worked out real well. Bill Clinton was 46 and the 90s were pretty awesome.

    So yeah younger leaders tend to do better.

    Old fucks like Trump, and even Biden to some extent are stuck in the mud and pretty much useless.

    Give me a younger guy with energy and charisma any day over some old fuck that wants to keep the status quo.

  5. No, older people have the experience, connections even if they are a little slower. Politics is an old mans game, there’s a reason Obama looked so young when he was in his 50s as president

  6. Depends how young, as much as gen z and millennials hate to admit, you need someone with work experience who’s used to working his/her head off for decades to be able to work 100+ hours a week and be consistent with decision making and work ethic, this isn’t something anyone under 30 or 40 would be able to handle due to lack of experience

  7. Career politicians know how to win because they know what to say. Grassroots politics has become a thing of the past unfortunately. I hope one day we can return to normal people running the country rather than ultra-rich old people that have spend most of their life working in politics.

  8. Yeah there’s a happy medium where you’re old enough to be wise, Young enough to not say stupid shit, but also young enough to not be a lifelong career politician.

    We sort of have that in place, but we don’t really have an upper limit. Which, to be fair and I know Reddit will hate this name, but trump sort of proved why. He’s pretty old, but he was never a career politician. So that gets tricky, which is why the system got set up the way it is

  9. Specifically elections? No.

    Would the campaign ads be better? No.

    Websites would look nicer? No.

    Busses and bill boards? Not really.

    Debates? No I dont’ think so.

  10. I do think the electoral candidates would be better. Currently our choices are people who were born or lived during segregation. If we keep having people who grew up listening to these views then the polices they want to be put into place are likely not going to Mach up with the time period.

  11. On the one hand, I do find it concerning that Biden’s stated educational policy in 2019 was “kids should listen to the phonograph.” On the other hand, there are plenty of younger people who are uninformed / unprincipled / cruel. Choosing a younger candidate won’t automatically make things better.

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