Americans do you want universal healthcare? Why/why not?

Americans do you want universal healthcare? Why/why not?

What do you think?

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  1. Yes. I don’t think it’s fair for someone to have to decide between feeding their family or taking insulin for their diabetes, or going to the hospital because they’re sick.

  2. I am loaded. I want universal healthcare since one of my benefits is fully paid health by my employer (software professional). I can ask for that money and my boss will probably give it to me to keep me from being given a better deal elsewhere.

    Universal healthcare can literally only make me more money.

  3. There’s really no good argument against it. Most I ever hear is some sort of commie rhetoric or “look at Venezuela”. Yet completely ignoring the fact that there’s much more wrong in Venezuela to cause Healthcare issues than the national Healthcare itself.

  4. People act like it’s this crazy luxury to be able to go to the doctors. Everyone should be able to go. That’s a basic human right. Where I live I couldn’t afford healthcare for my child for years. Should never NOT be able to take my kid to the doctors. You should never not be able to see a dentist. You should never avoid a major problem because you can’t afford to get it checked out. Would it be easy to achieve? No. Impossible? NO. I don’t understand the people who buck free healthcare so bad. Like what do you have against people going to the doctors. It’s not you who needs to be taxed more for it. It’s the Rich who don’t get taxed at all who should pay their dues.

  5. yes. too many people do not have the medical care they need. you shouldn’t have to choose between your psych meds and your heart meds because you can’t afford them together.

  6. I am on human growth hormone for adult growth hormone deficiency. That prescription alone is in the hundreds of dollars. In fact, the main reason we can afford my prescriptions is because I’m on my mother’s health insurance for her work. The moment that changes (i. e. she retires) my prescription costs go through the roof. So, yeah universal healthcare would be a big help

  7. YES.

    Because helping people is GOOD. Because if we have the chance to help our fellow man we Should.

    And if that doesn’t do it for you – if being Good just doesn’t fucking matter – then just because I’m tired of paying WAAAY too much to insurance companies to get between me and health care and take a huge ass fucking cut.

    There’s no good in the current system, not in design, not in morality, not in efficiency, not in actual care, not in money getting to the people doing it, not in any way shape or form.

    And if any god damned idiot wants to scream free market at me or try to say it’ll correct itself – that only works when the buyers get to make informed choices – you don’t have a choice when you’re fucking dying to do comparative shopping, *plus* they obscure the shit out of the information, *plus* they lie, *plus* they cheat, *plus* it’s not told to you until after the fact AND I’ll repeat – You can’t make informed decisions when you’re fucking dying.

    Jesus this shit isn’t that complicated. Rich people like it the way it is cause they’re getting rich off it. And I don’t mean the doctors, I mean the fucking Insurance Company CEOs and big ass companies with lobbyists.

    If you won’t do it for the common man… just do it so you get fucked over a little less yourself.

  8. I’m too young to understand healthcare correctly(16). From what I understand though, the healthcare here is better in terms of quality, it will just cost you a limb in the process. Also some jobs do offer ‘free’ healthcare included.

  9. No. I have relatives and friends that live in Canada with Universal healthcare. They are taxed very high on everything they buy (I think 25% – and I’m sure there is a Canadian that will correct me, please). Also they do not get healthcare a quickly as we do, especially emergent care. A friends young daughter died of cancer because she had to wait months for tests and by then the cancer had spread out of control. Here she would most likely be alive. My uncle couldn’t get testing for months for a problem with his carotid arteries (here that is an emergency) and by the time he got it one was completely closed and other so far closed it was to late to do surgery to open it and he would get very dizzy if he turned his neck to far. Canadians have good insurance for healthy people, but if unhealthy you are dead. Also they can’t get any organ transplants after age 65 because government feels they are no good. Here you can and live another 20 years. A lot of nurses from Canada are willing to pay for American health insurance out of their paycheck because they can cross the bridge (I’m in Detroit area) and get immediate care and tests.

  10. I do 100% think we should have it, but we’re fucked. It would be a meltdown. We are 90% idiocracy at this point. We barely function. One of two outcomes would most likely happen.

    1. People (especially the ones who would benefit from it the most) would fight it tooth and nail and protest. Russian trolls capitalize on this opportunity to incite revolution. Josh Hawley becomes President. Praise be.

    2. It’s put in place and it gains enough momentum to keep going and becomes the medical industrial machine. Medical companies line the pockets of the legislators who regulate the costs.

    Like I said we’re fucked.

    If we wanted a baby step that might actually work, we could legislate that your first 20 primary care doctor visits per year were covered. This would probably cover 40% of people. From there maybe we could slowly expand.

  11. People don’t understand how long it takes to get treatment sometimes in countries with free healthcare, I’d rather pay for treatment now than wait 6-7 months to get treatment later.

  12. I do not, because there is no way to pay for it. There’s a reason the politicians like Bernie that are always pushing for it refuse to say how they’ll pay for it – because they know there’s no way to come up with the money. During the 2020 election primaries, Liz Warren was the only one to release a plan for how she’d pay for universal healtcare, which she pegged at $52trillion. It was all wishful thinking that would have required several once-in-a-generation legislative actions to achieve.

    “But what about XYZ nordic country?” A country of 9 million thin swedes is different then a nation of 350 million with 60% obesity rate.

  13. I’m Canadian and universal healthcare sucks! Taxes up the assss, up to 12hour waits. Fuck I fell off a ladder at work and went to the er in pain and still waited 6h, haven’t been seen while drugged out addicts are being sent in left and right for their fooooking fix yaya that’s where my tax money goes.

  14. No, if people are too stupid to get vaccinated because they think their essential oils and immune systems are guaranteed to protect them, I’m not paying their hospital bills when they get sick af.

    I do, however, think prices of life saving medicine should be regulated so that they are affordable for people who truly need it.

  15. Absolutely.

    I feel anyone who is opposed to universal healthcare just really hasn’t taken a look at the numbers.

    Virtually every American (yes, you) stands to save money with a universal healthcare system.

    Every other developed nation is paying around 1/3 to 1/2 our healthcare costs per capita, with similar quality of care metrics.

    Anyone who wants to pay 2x to 3x the price for the same service is an idiot, full stop.

  16. Absolutely. And I would happily pay more taxes to make it happen. Everyone deserves the opportunity of early diagnoses, everyone deserves medication to heal, everyone deserve a quality life.

    I didn’t get glasses until I was 26 because I was afraid of the cost. I still have my wisdom teeth that flair up sometimes and cause pain.

    I want to contribute so people aren’t financially ruined for being in an accident.

  17. No. The government has already monopolized health care and driven prices through the roof. Even if they provide “free” healthcare, the citizenry still has to pay for it in some form or another. I’d love to see a true return to open market healthcare practices, like we has in the late 1800s/early 1900s, where the average citizen could get comprehensive care for an entire year for about the cost of a single day’s wages. There’s no need for the government to steal your money and charge you obscene fees by way of taxation just to receive a watered down version of healthcare.

  18. When almost half of my income goes towards taxes and my government expects me to pay another 1/3 for a 20% discount on astronomically inflated medical bills… I choose death. I’m literally dying right now 😆 But hey, at least the Taliban has updated gear and our politicians have a steady 6 figure income.

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