Americans of Reddit, are you aware that whoever is the current president of the USA is, in fact, not entirely responsible for everything that is going on in the world, like global recession, virus outbreaks, gas prices, and so on?

Americans of Reddit, are you aware that whoever is the current president of the USA is, in fact, not entirely responsible for everything that is going on in the world, like global recession, virus outbreaks, gas prices, and so on?

What do you think?

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  1. I’m fully aware of this and try very hard to explain it to people who aren’t but they want to believe so badly that they’re right so it never works.

  2. Do not mistake what your media tells you we think for the truth. Even the comments and posts from Americans on the internet by absolutely no means and in no way represent the opinions of the average citizen. Most of the people I talk to in real life in this country are rational and reasonable whichever way they lean politically.

  3. Yes, it is true a lot of what happens is out of any leader’s control, for the most part. Certainly their actions can have an effect on certain things, like how stock markets react, or even when a crisis hits if they remain calm and vigilant it will at least appear they are in control.

    Nonetheless, whether fairly or not, the President will take the blame when things aren’t going well. Yet, and this is also unfair believe it or not, the President will certainly get all the credit/accolades when things are going well. While it is unfair to blame them for the entire course of things, it is still proper to look to them for at least some type of guidance, smooth sailing, confidence, and the like.

    I believe it’s fair to say, and most Redditors will agree with me (if begrudgingly) both this current Administration and the previous one, severely lack and lacked in proper messaging. The prior administration certainly loved to talk (and very loudly) which TBH really only turned people off to his words; whereas this President seemingly wants to take the extreme opposite and simply not say anything at all in fear of offending anyone at all, which also is demoralizing people and turning them off.

    No, Trump nor Biden were not responsible for many things, good or bad, that’s happened over the last roughly 5 1/2 years. Yet still, nonetheless, this country hasn’t had any real leadership or confidence from above in that long either, and that does rub people the wrong way.

  4. The people putting the dopey “I did this” stickers on gas pumps, well, they’re not very aware of the world. They don’t care about global inflation, just owning the libs.

    If you’re not American, try showing a couple a map of the world and ask them to pick out the country of Africa. Most of us are dumb, unfortunately some are trouble because they think that they’re smart.

  5. In Fox Nation, everything bad is caused by Democrats. If the sun rises in the morning, it’s Bien’s fault that there’s a drought. If there will be rain, it means electing Dems keeps the sun from rising.

    As far as I am concerned “Biden’s bad ratings” mean “Rupert Murdoch is an undesirable immigrant. And Lachlan, who is still Australian as far as I know, is an outright alien.

  6. Republicans seem to think Biden has a big knob on his desk for cranking gas prices up. Of course, if they go *down* that’s just the free market at work.

  7. My parents keep blaming gas prices on Biden, no it’s because of inflation not everything is Biden’s fault.

    Fr tho, Trump and Biden are both not very good at being presidents we need another Abraham Lincoln.

  8. Yeah. But it won’t stop my countrymen from selling their souls to charlatans who have neither the interest nor the ability to fix the supply chain / inflation issues.

  9. LMAOOO YEAH SURE yet Joe is probably asleep at the desk right now as we speak and the fucking purge could be happening and he wouldn’t know

  10. You all are dumb if you deny the fact that we have a very senile president who has literally fell asleep on tv multiple times, forgets where he’s going, has fallen walking up steps MULTIPLE TIMES, has repeated himself and sounded like he’s gonna fall over and fall asleep…. Joe can’t even stay awake through a whole speech… that’s really fucking bad….

  11. Yeah. But changing the guard every 4 years leaves a revolving door of blame. It’s okay to blame the current leader for some issues, but we stand on the shoulders of giants. Most people in USA aren’t insane alt right or alt left. Those idiots are just loud.

  12. Maybe he’s been working for a long time on a really complicated secret plan that requires causing everything that’s going on? And is really good at hiding that fact?

  13. How do you feel that when one party holds the presidency, the news media completely blames him for all troubles, but when *the other* party holds office, the media always absolves him of all guilt for the troubles in the country?

    It’s almost as if the entire scheme is set up to make one parties policies look better than the other.

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