Americans of reddit if the United states were invaded what would you do ?

Americans of reddit if the United states were invaded what would you do ?

What do you think?

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  1. I live in a very rural area. I would grow more food and get some chickens. Stock up on liquor for bartering. Aquire as much amo as possible.

  2. Start an outfit called something like the California Martyrs Brigade and recruit the most highly skilled and radicalized fighters to carry out assassinations, abductions, bombings, night ambushes and brutal executions of occupiers. When we attack enemy bases, some of us would be carrying suicide vests to overwhelm them. Our job would be to be as cruel and merciless as possible to destroy their morale and send them fleeing.

  3. Thank god that I’ll finally be eligible for refugee status in a country that isn’t sinking so fast, head on Google and see who will take me ASAP

  4. Russia? Seriously? Have you see. Their elite forces in Ukraine?

    As for China, they’d never even make it to Hawaii. Our navy dwarfs them and every other country.

  5. I’d be like “oh… they’re fucked…” because it’s impossible to invade the US in many ways. First off: like every citizen is armed to the teeth. We have the most powerful military force on the planet, and geographically, we have like every type of terrain and biome known to man… on the off-chance they manage to land on the beach, i might move an inch or two inland…

  6. The most successful attacks on America’s mainland would need to come from Canada or Mexico. Since they’re both allies that’s unlikely.

  7. I actually think about this often and there is just barely any chance we would be invaded or occupied, ever. Even if a foreign military tried to set up a station in a remote part of Idaho, our military, government, and citizens would absolutely not have it. 50% of the country voted for a president who ran on the premise of building a wall to keep foreigners out. No way would we be realistically invaded or occupied.

  8. Secure the perimeter, and start loading mags. They’re gonna need heavy ordnance to get very far onto my acreage. There’s plenty of shooters, guns, and ammo around here.

  9. i’d probably laugh a little like do they know how fucked they’ll be?

    Then go grab my rifle and cover myself in mud and just shoot cans in my backyard because no way i’m going out there cause drones go brrrr.

  10. Only possible people to invade here is Canada or Mexico. Canada isn’t invading my state, only real road is through an Indian reservation. Mexico ain’t getting through Texas.

    I’d watch the reddit feed for about and hour and that’d be the end of it.

  11. I would sit on my back porch along with 5000 other rednecks that live around me and welcome them with open arms (243 , 7 mm , AR-15 , Barrett 50 caliber etc…)

  12. That would be one massive sh…show. Everyone shooting at everything that moves. That’s like some nutter’s wet dream. People having stocked guns, ammunition and canned deer buttholes into their bunkers just itching for reason to make the Hunger Games a real thing.

    I’m not going to lie, that would be the first reality tv-show I would actually follow. All I have stocked is popcorn and booze, so I’m ready.

  13. They wouldn’t get far, we may be a diverse and divided country but when it becomes absolutely necessary, we will be standing strong together. Also we have more guns.

  14. Accidentally shoot my neighbor who constantly rings my doorbell at 5am asking to take her garbage cans out. That I took out 12 hours earlier and are sitting on the curb waiting to be picked up.

    But for real it would depend on who/where/why.

  15. Depends on where they land.

    Northeast I would be kind of concerned as the gun ownership isn’t the best, so whomever invades will have territory to stage.

    However the further south they go the more progressive they’ll get screwed over.

    They legit won’t be able to land anywhere else besides the northeast, due to just the pure percentage of people who have guns.

    Even if it’s a surprise attack I think there’s way too many for any invader to try and get under control

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