Americans of Reddit, what are your thoughts on Roe v Wade being overturned by SCOTUS as per draft reports?

Americans of Reddit, what are your thoughts on Roe v Wade being overturned by SCOTUS as per draft reports?

What do you think?

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  1. Horrified. This won’t stop abortions, just safe ones. The infant death rate will go up, and maternal death rate will go up as well from this.

  2. Somehow the “Party of personal freedom” doesn’t want people to be able to control their own bodies. Not what goes into them, not *who* goes into them, not comes out of them nor when it comes out of them.

  3. Just one step closer to the theocratic plutocracy the conservatives want so dearly. Buckle up. If you aren’t a white christian male…….you’re fucked.

  4. The core decision still stands. The hope the “pro-life” people are holding on to is because of judges a criminal president nominated. How do they square basing their evangelical hope on a man who brags about abusing women and living his life on criminal lies?

    Edit: I become an American citizen in July.

  5. Hey, Pro-lifers should dig themselves

    Because life doesn’t stop after birth

    And to a child born to the unprepared

    It might even just get worse

    The situation would surely change

    if they were to find themselves in it

    Supporters of the H-Bomb, and

    fire-bombing clinics

    What type of shit is that?

    Orwellian, in fact

    If Roe v. Wade was overturned,

    would not the desire remain intact?

    Leaving young girls to risk their healths

    And doctors to botch,

    and watch

    as they kill themselves

  6. the left keeps fighting battles on social media and at protests. the right does it in voting booths and by running for office at every level of government.

    the left wants to speak truth to power, the right seizes power. this was inevitable.

  7. Some actions of the SCOTUS should be praised and paraded (like them deciding Trump has “no standing” to pursue legal challenges to the election) but others (like this decision) should be cause for Handmaid’s Tale-themed cosplay protests. It all depends on whether their rulings line up with my politics.

  8. I’m pro choice. I don’t think abortions should be taken lightly, you are preventing something from being born. I also think that’s not a decision the government should make for you.

  9. Rich women will take a weekend trip to London and come back not pregnant any more. Poor people are probably going to have to order Canadian pills to terminate their own pregnancies, and if they get caught it’ll be like the early weed laws where judges were handing out life sentences for having a joint.

  10. I think republicans want a civil war. I think they just might get one.

    I think it’s time we took their precious guns away <3

    *No letting the traitors live this time. We should have wiped the confederate TRAITORS. This is a lesson hard learned. Now they’ve breed with their cousins for generations and are literally inhumane. Time to put them down like a lame horse.

  11. That people need to understand this doesn’t ban abortions. State laws are what may ban abortions. This would just allow them to do it if they choose.

    I don’t have an opinion on abortion one way or another, but aborting a 9 month old fetus seems gross while aborting a 1 week old embryo seems trivial.

  12. I am literally nauseated. It’s even worse than what I considered to be the worst case scenario. The country seems to be going backwards in everything lately, and I feel like we’re going down a hole we won’t come out of for a very long time.

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