Americans of Reddit, what’s something anyone visiting the US for the first time absolutely must know about or be aware of?

Americans of Reddit, what’s something anyone visiting the US for the first time absolutely must know about or be aware of?

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  1. Do not visit the United States without health insurance – even for a day. You could literally be risking your life savings. Even a minor problem (minor car accident, broken bone, stitches) could cost you thousands of dollars or more. Look into temporary medical coverage for travelers!!!

  2. The vast majority of people are way nicer than the news outlets and the internet make them to be. Chances are someone will randomly start talking to you.

    Tap Water is safe to drink but tastes terrible.

    Also, everything is huge. From food portions to distances between places.

  3. big country. no high speed rail. if you want to go between states, you fly, and the tickets cost hundreds of dollars extra if you don’t book months in advance.

    do not bring weaponry or combat gear through TSA, they will turn you away.

  4. If you end up in the south east be ready to be smiled at, talked to and have door open for you. That’s how they pick up anyone not from the south.

  5. Don’t judge our country by our cities, they are fun for a night or two but the true beauty is found in our countryside. The further you stray from the beaten path, the more gems you will find.

  6. For going to restaurants, 20% tip is ideal, if the service was just ok then 18%.

    Giving less is considered a dick move, these people in the service industry are trying their best and it is their livelihood. I know the system is not ideal but it’s what we have.

  7. You’re not solving any US political issues during your visit, and you’ll just make people think you’re an annoying outsider poking their nose in stuff that’s none of their business – even if they agree with you. We prefer to talk about the positive things going on in our country.

    Patriotism may seem weird to you, but it’s a thing and people take it very seriously. Be respectful.

  8. It’s a big and culturally diverse country so it really depends where you’ll be.

    Also to some extent, where you’re from. If you speak English with an accent and white, you can have a great time. Same if you’re attractive. If you’re wealthy enough, the former can apply a little less.

    Race, looks, and wealth matters most.

    Other than that, you can get just about anything here. Our national parks are wide, varied, and gorgeous. The food can be better than anywhere else. Ingredients might not be up to par in quality but depending on where you’re at it can be close. Quantity-wise, we just outpace everyone.

    You should tip at restaurants. Taxes will be applied at checkout.

  9. Stay away from “the south.” Seriously, racism, bigotry, and xenophobia, in their most violent forms, are alive and well. They will *smile* and be utterly polite and fiercely friendly, right up until they tell you to leave or risk being the victim of violence.

    Every person from the south that reads this is going to scream about how stupid and inaccurate it is. And they will down vote the shit out of me. Again, they smile with utter politeness and friendliness. It’s all an act. They really do hate minorities, LGBTQ, and all foreigners. They will harm you if given the opportunity to do so without consequences. Stay away.

    Yes, I’m generalizing. No, not every single person in the south is like this. But the exceptions are exceptions. Most of the south really is like this. Source: I’m stuck living in Texas.

  10. Welcome to the best country in the world! We drive on the correct side of the road, speak the best version of English, and have the healthiest, tastiest food in the world!

  11. every state is different, they all have different laws, cultures, food, and architecture. when traveling to the US, when online, don’t just see the basics of how to enjoy your travel also study the individual places you are visiting

    example: most states have speed limits but rural states tend to only have suggested speed limits, such as montana and wyoming

  12. When you come to the us prepare for endless amounts of ice in your drink. You might not even get any drink but you will have more ice than you could ever imagine

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