Americans of Reddit: what’s your least favorite state and why?

Americans of Reddit: what’s your least favorite state and why?

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  1. I’ve lived in five different states. So far my least favorite is Oklahoma. Just because ive had more encounters with crime I guess. I love the lakes and I really don’t mind the weather.

    But I’ve had my home broken into here. The dude was in a footchase with cops and would end up escaping, hiding in our home. I stopped going to one gas station because a guy grabbed my drink and touched my breast.

    I had to call police at my job when a woman verbally assaulted me at my place of work. I might just be in a bad spot. I’ve just never experience that amount of crime in such short amount of time in any other state. I understand this kind of stuff happens everywhere, but the fact that these events happened within six months of each other just kinda has me wondering. Like I said before, I could just be living in a bad area. There are other towns that I’m currently trying to move to.

  2. Maryland is kind of a shithole. Baltimore is basically Mid-Atlantic Detroit, everything is expensive, everyone drives like shit, the people are kind of rude, etc.

  3. Mississippi. It’s very “behind the times” and besides a couple of beaches really has nowhere you’d really want to go. It’s like West Virginia without the mountains.

  4. Texas. They’d have CPS called on me for supporting my trans daughter, and that kind of shit makes me prickly.

    edit: Dang, getting the downvotes here. If it’s transphobe snowflakes, then trans rights are human rights, deal with it. If it’s Texan snowflakes, then trans rights are human rights AND I routinely forget the Alamo!

  5. I think it’s pretty safe to say, as a blanket/stereotype statement, that if you’re liberal, you’d hate either Texas or Florida the most, and if you’re conservative, you’d hate California the most.

  6. Wisconsin. I live here, and I do not drink alcohol very much. My idea of a “good time” isn’t getting wasted until I black out or get sick. Pretty much everyone I know does this on at minimum a weekly basis. If you don’t have alcohol, people here think it’s not worth it. Everyone at least knows someone who has at least 1 DUI or more, (common to be more). It’s such a huge problem here. I’ve lived in several other states, and although every state has some of this, it’s definitely on a much larger scale in Wisconsin.

  7. I had a really bad time in New Jersey. My band played a show there, and everything was just awful. It was a very New Jersey time. It hates you. And hates you now.

  8. Having lived there for 4 years…I don’t see the point of Indiana

    – Least scenic state ever

    – No notable local cuisine

    – Filled with rude/fat/stupid people

    – No cultural significance whatsoever, unless you count Notre Dame, I guess?

  9. Florida because people down here are rude as fuck. You wave to someone and they think you are assaulting them, might even pull a gun on you. At least down here in So FL.

  10. I didn’t really like Connecticut. I was in Norfolk – the people there were all assholes as if they were New Yorkers but they were in this shitty town. My car’s windows froze shut. It was a bitch to get there. Fuck that place.

  11. Texas, lived there for two years in the Dallas FW area…couldn’t come back to Cali fast enough.

    The weather is awful but the politics are worse 🤢

  12. Florida. Hot, humid, full of racist old snowbirds and Cuban/Venezuelan expats who think anyone to the left of Kaiser Wilhelm is Castro reincarnated, and run by Ron “I Killed My Constituents To Own The Libs” DeSantis.

  13. PA is a fucking shithole.

    It looks like a literal garbage dump and then they have the audacity to charge me massive tolls for clipping the corner, as if they actually do anything useful with it.

  14. Probably some midwestern state like Kansas, where it is flat and there is nothing to do. People might say California or Texas, but they are so much better than like Kansas, Ohio, North Dakota, etc…

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