Americans who don’t want universal healthcare, because they will pay more in taxes, but are ok with paying for health insurance, why?

Americans who don’t want universal healthcare, because they will pay more in taxes, but are ok with paying for health insurance, why?

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  1. I’d like to hear this too, considering my coworker, who was just diagnosed with very late stage ovarian cancer, because she didn’t want to pay for a check up for several years.

  2. I’m not against universal health care. I feel like its a fantastic idea.

    However have you seen our government? We haven’t been in control of it in a very long time. At this point they are just doing whatever they want to do. We’d all be fucked.

    Also the taxes would probably be used for something stupid we don’t need and not to Healthcare so the already shifty working conditions I deal with would decline further.

  3. Entrenched beliefs:

    Someone told me it would cost more.

    I asked how, when you consolidate multiple insurance providers under one organization AND remove the profit from the system.

    They stated that insurance companies actually lose money on premiums. They make money on investments.

    I showed them corporate earnings statements from insurance companies with hundreds of millions of dollars in profit from premiums.

    They refused to believe it.

  4. Americans that have lived in a country with universal healthcare, have almost certainly all changed their minds.

    Insurance systems so backwards. Doctor will say patient needs x treatment, but insurance will find a reason not to cover x treatment. Insurances have the power to deny us citizens of life saving treatment

  5. American currently living in the US. Gimme all the Universal Healthcare!!! I pay $880 for myself and my kid. I would love not to pay any of that. The two dumbest arguments are 1.) I wouldn’t get the benefits of private healthcare. They hardly cover anything anyway. 2.) Most Americans who are against Universal Healthcare are Boomers on Medicare ( Universal healthcare). There are ton of commercials on TV telling the Boomers to call Medicare helplines “to get what they deserve”.

  6. Americans don’t want universal healthcare because they think it infringes on their right to be too poor to be treated for an easily treatable condition.

  7. It’s not the money it’s the fear that the level of healthcare will go down. There is a feeling we pay for excellence and if we go this route it won’t be as good.

  8. If it was the Danish government or Singaporean government providing the service, I’d be more interested, but we are talking about the comically inept US government providing the service. The same people who brought us the TSA (4 different presidents including 2 from each party now!) would be responsible for healthcare.

    I’m pretty sure my taxes would go up and my healthcare would resemble that “sir, I need to check your asshole” scene from South Park.

  9. Because I don’t want our government touching anything in my life.

    Clearly they can’t be trusted to manage money properly which is why we are continuously in a defecit. Guarantee if a private company was created where every individual member pays a flat fee, regardless of the amount of care a client requires, they would become the most used insurance company in the country.

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