Americans who wanna leave the USA,Why?[Serious]

Americans who wanna leave the USA,Why?[Serious]

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  1. If the United States saw what the United States was doing to the United States, the United States would invade the United States to liberate the United States from the United States.

  2. Can’t afford a nice home even though I make well above the median income.

    Healthcare is garbage. It’s an enormous financial burden for one and 2 you are treated like you are something rolling down an assembly line. A visit to the doctor is waiting 30 mins past your appointment start time to go back, 10 mins with a nurse taking your vitals and info, and thsn like MAYBE 10 mins with a doctor who gives you no time to talk because he has to see like 50 patients a day while charting inbetween.

    Anything above and beyond the bare essentials is getting beyond the reach of the average American.

    Constantly being advertised to anywhere and everywhere. American society is setup to absolutely pressure you to spend every penny you have and then more on credit.

    Jobs, even good ones, constantly push you to the point of absolute burnout because the American financial system is one where all that matters is next quarters revenues and profits.

    America really is 2 societies in 1. Like 5% live that lifestyle you see in movies when you think of upper-class America. And the other 95% live a paycheck to paycheck life, constantly pused to spend money you dont have and where a $1000 or less emergency can ruin you.

    The American dream died in like the 90’s for most “Middle class” people. That’s why you see a strong urge to just get out and live a simpler life.

  3. I don’t want to leave the US necessarily, but the main bulk of it. I used to live in Alaska as a child, in a cabin with my dad and sister. It was right on the edge of a massive forest and the small town we lived in.

    The air was so clean there, and at night, the sounds of the forest were pleasant to listen to. During the summer, the sky didn’t get very dark. It was really cool to take a walk at night and still be able to see pretty well.

    Then I moved to a big city with my mother. It sucked. It still sucks. My father has long left Alaska for another state, but I want to go back. I miss everything about it.

  4. – Healthcare sucks

    – Tipping culture is stupid

    – Work life balance could be better

    – Politicians are bought out by corporations

    – Taxes are overly complicated and goods are not the price listed usually when you pay for them

  5. Not from USA, but just guessing.. please correct me if I am wrong-

    – High cost of Health care

    – High cost of Education/College loans

    – Lack of public transport

    – Lack of common sense background check to acquire a licence of firearms

    – Gun violence

    – Tipping culture

    – Lack of Employee protection programs/Unions

    – High cost of living/rent

    – Low wages

    – Exploitative work culture

    – Privatisation of Prison

    – Lack of ethics in Major media/news houses

    – Extreme political polarization

    – High divorce rate

    – High cost of divorce and the lack of focus on child during divorce proceedings. Instead more focus on child care support

    – High number of wars the USA fight

    – Lack of support to the war veterans and the PTSD

    – Huge spending on Military instead of civilians

    – Huge influence of lobby on policy makers

  6. 1) affordable healthcare, im currently trying to build our family from the ground up bc both my husband and i are from poor families. healthcare is free in a lot of other places.
    2) time off work, there is a difference between sick days and vacation days. in a few places, u get whatever sick days you need bc if you’re sick, you shouldnt work. and vacation days are more in other places than the US.
    3) gov assistance, if u dont make enough for food, the gov can help with rent
    4) more sustainably concious people, some people are actually more aware of climate change than the rest of the world… kinda sucks when we literally live on this planet and you live around no one who wants to save it.

  7. I know several people who have left, citing 1) married a foreigner, 2) of the couple’s two countries, they want to live in the country with universal health care, 3) and cheaper university education, 4) plus the perception that it will be safer to raise children elsewhere due to U.S. gun violence.

  8. Have you ever watched anything that’s cyberpunk? That’s why I want to leave the US… We’re headed towards being trapped in a cyberpunk dystopia, and I don’t want to support the system that brings us there.

    If I said all the exact reasons, it would take too long to describe, and other comments do a good job of summing it up.

  9. I just want a job that pays enough to save, have a good time on weekends, and maybe buy something nice for myself from time to time without having to devote every minute of my life to work. To get that in America, along with healthcare and other benefits, I’d need to work my ass off for like twenty years and even then a small accident could ruin the bank account in seconds.

    Here in Taiwan, I make well above the average pay, my job is actually fun, and I have healthcare that only costs a few dollars if I get sick.

  10. There is a clearly emergent fascist movement that is preying on the weakened political infrastructure in order to become extremely and terrifyingly present.

    40 years of Reaganomics have butchered the middle class, so my likelihood of having any appreciable standard of living is dwindling on the daily.

    I have been diagnosed with chronic diseases that I cannot afford treatment for, because of our insistence on artificially buoying the parasitic insurance industry.

    A severe disconnect with work/life standards here vs abroad. Nationally mandated vacation time, 30 hr workweeks, nationally mandated mayernity/paternity leave that is measured in months, protections against workplace discrimination, laws against causeless firing, and other measures that are unthinkable luxuries in the US due to the breaking of Unions’ backs in the 80s are standards elsewhere.

    Hell, even just the insane dependency on owning your own car in order to function in society us ludicrous.

  11. I have wanted to leave for a while now and have already accepted a offer in Quebec for a pharmaceutical company once I graduate in the spring I will move their. But the main reason is that

    -Shitty healthcare

    -Student Debt Loans

    -Evil Republicans

    -Capitalism way over the line

  12. As a disabled person relying on government healthcare, there is not one place in the entire state I live in that takes my insurance and treats my condition. So I’d much rather live somewhere where there’s at least more options to try than just the one.

  13. As an American who has left America, there are a few reasons. Everyone is always making things political. Too many people think everything is black and white – you’re either A or you’re B. Healthcare is pretty lame, I was in the military and got it all for free but didn’t want to stay in the military forever. Also, tipping is not cool, makes me never want to eat out.

  14. I hate the political climate. There’s never any progression. I’m in an insane amount of debt from schooling. I worry about being able to have a family and be successful.

  15. I fell in love with South Korea. If I had a decent job offer there, I’d take it without hesitation.

    Do you like food? $10 in Korea will give you a feast with 20 delicious dishes.

    Do you like history? Korea has temples and palaces that were ancient by the time Colombus reached North America.

    Do you like the night life? The clubs in Seoul are just getting started at the time of night that New York is going to sleep.

    Do you like top of the line information infrastructure, public transportation, entertainment, and every luxury from spas to tailored clothes at a price thay you’d need to be a millionaire to afford in the US? Bro, visit South Korea.

  16. Don’t have anywhere better to go to, honestly. But if I did, I would, because freedoms are becoming too restricted. And no, I don’t mean the COVID stuff, it’s been going on far longer than that.

  17. Because we’re forced to serve under a corrupted govt. Like wtf are we doing in Afghanistan? Oh! we’re only there for resources? Then trade. Dont kill off your army trying to seize and capture otherwise you’ll have no army to defend off invading countries.

  18. I live in the US, in Texas, though I was born in a third world country. I have many many US born citizen friends since I live here. The few, that I’ve met that want to leave the U.S are more often the very religious ones. I think, one trigger factor was the legalization of gay marriage, the democratic party winning the presidency with Obama and now with Biden (who stole the election and there won’t ever be a fair one again, according to them), and lastly, the idea that somewhere and somehow, things are the way the used to be in the US of the 50’s. This in particular is a strong one, with a lot of idealization of such period but with little accuracy. I also know a lot of people that are unhappy, for very good reasons, with work and life balance, healthcare mediocrity, backward legislation, racism, inequality, and etc but they seem to want to change things rather than to leave.

  19. Many reasons, but to name a few, increased living expenses, political divide where people shun you for not having the same beliefs and values as them, being lied to by political leaders, toxic people, etc. I just want to live in a place where I don’t have to worry so much about what was mentioned. Also the US isn’t the best place to go to all the time.

  20. i understand that where i live i have privileges other countries do not and i am grateful for that, but i still can’t help but feel embarrassed about living here.

    i have had multiple occasions where i’ve imagined the worst coming because i’ve been seeing it happen around me. when i was in high school and if someone opened the door too suddenly i can remember the feeling of my heart dropping because my mind automatically went to school shooter. since i became mature enough to understand the things going on around here, i’ve basically lived in constant anxiety. i think about this topic a lot. every day i see new articles of domestic violence, strangers murdering strangers, hate crimes, you name it, i’ve probably seen it. despite this, no one seems to be doing anything.

    people are cruel and violent everywhere, but america makes it especially easy for people to commit crimes with serious consequences. our systems are so clearly corrupt sometimes it’s almost laughable until you realize it’s us they fucked over.

    i have other things, but honestly this one is the one in back of my mind constantly.

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