Amerika is heading towards Conservative Christian Sharia law. What will it take to recover?

Amerika is heading towards Conservative Christian Sharia law. What will it take to recover?

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  1. I mean, the new Supreme Court justices already knew what they were going to do when they were appointed. Then all the trigger laws were set up. So all the governors knew too. No big secret for them. BUT, basically, the want is for more minions to work for corporations which make a handful of people obscenely wealthy. And that’s what I believe is the real reason.

  2. Voting with 60-70% majority to overcome vote suppression, gerry mandering and decades of ground game to put anti-fair vote people into key positions.

  3. I mean there have been a couple shifts but comparing it to actual sharia law is just insane. Having states decide on abortion law is not exactly the same…

  4. Lol we absolutely are not heading that way. Just like we’re not heading to Communism when whatever the Right hates happens. But if democrats want to win more elections, they have to adopt a broader platform of policies that reduce the cost of living.

  5. Law makers that can truly separate religious ideology from state law.

    There’s a show called “Handmaiden’s Tale” on Hulu. It is a good look at the future these evangelical Republicans want to be a reality

  6. Young people, and people of centrist and left-leaning views, actually voting instead of finding reasons not to vote.

    And yes, while voting suppression tactics and gerrymandering are real things, they aren’t keeping the vast majority of non-voters from the polls.

    Remember: A centrist or progressive supreme court would have upheld Roe v. Wade.

    Voting matters.

  7. Except America is not headed towards Sharia law. Not at all. Sharia law actually does allow for abortion in more situations than many states in the U.S.

    So…yes. Some states in America have more strict laws than Sharia law.

  8. You must run through the streets nude, screaming “Hoolie! Hoolie! Hoolie!” while waving your arms over your head.

    That is the only way you’ll be able to spread awareness about this dire problem.

  9. “Litcherally shaking and crying rn. Religious people are literally nazis. The fate of this entire country is doomed because of this one political ouchie that I’m magically going to stop caring about when I can’t farm social media points from it anymore.”

    And you people wonder why anyone outside your echo chamber doesn’t even *consider* your viewpoints anymore.

  10. The ancaps, boogaloo and proud boys need to realize they’ll suffer without their daily intake of Starbucks, chic-fil-a and insulin.

  11. You realize that you are outing yourself by wording that question that way, right? Anyone that really cares and is open to discussion just automatically closes you off as a lunatic on the fringe….. just saying….

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