Anybody else go to 2 different liquor stores so the employees don’t judge you for how often you need booze?

Anybody else go to 2 different liquor stores so the employees don’t judge you for how often you need booze?

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  1. I work at a liquor store. Just know this, unless you’re coming in every single day and getting the same thing, we won’t remember you. Unless you’re the only person buying a specific item (and I don’t mean a brand of wine, I mean like the only person buying sake). Plus if you just get your stuff and leave we like you. If you are friendly and positive we love you. If you’re an asshole we dislike you.

  2. no though i can attest that grocery store employees usually don’t give a shit what you buy – the ‘buy a six pack every damn day at 8:01’ eventually gets noticed. particularly it is a fellow employee….

    that’s not the worst i’ve seen. i’ve seen bums come in after hours and buy store brand mouthwash. that’s nearing rock bottom there.

  3. I did this tonight because I’m an alcoholic. I do this often. drove to one shop bought a bottle of wine then an another who wants to feel judged. It’s funny isn’t it how its half cool to say yeah I’m a functional alcoholic for me I’m lying to myself that it’s not a terrible evening habit everyday. it’s perfectly acceptable socially, could you ever turn up to work and say I’m A functional coke addict or yeah I’m stoned every night it’s ridiculous how acceptable it is. legal to drink it can openly admit it it’s almost celebrated poison sometimes but there’s stigma on the time when you drink And where you do it. If it was any other drug it becomes some great taboo but really what do people do intoxicated on alcohol you don’t do anything great while you are drunk and you wake up feeling shit and out of it in the morning. Is it really relaxing at two bottle of wine now. It isn’t I’m an addict now I do it probably because I’m stressed that I can’t drink.

  4. I used to go to 2 liquor stores, but only because 1 had a deli. The other one was owned by some folks from Yemen that would bring me home cooked meals. Both would run me a tab, and they both knew my order so well my roommate could go and ask for the special, they would give him a pint of Jim beam, a 20 oz. Sprite, and a pack of Kamel reds. I spent more on liquor than on rent. I’ve since quit drinking liquor, save an occasional tequila with tacos, or a special occasion scotch.

  5. No but my spouse who has been sober almost 3 years often felt the need to stop at his old spot and “apologize to the owner for the loss of business”. Many times he restrained himself from doing so. Can you imagine how awkward that convo would have been? Also he probably would’ve relapsed, but I digress.

  6. I go like twice a year for a couple of bottles of wine. So nope lol.

    I used to work in a liquor store. We had customers that came in almost daily. Most of them were super nice. The only ones we judged we were the asshole customers.

  7. My cousin worked at a liquor store for a while and he would tell me about the regulars. It wasn’t tell then that I realized how many functioning alcoholics there are in society.

    And in my area there are usually 2 liquor stores on every major corner.

  8. Nope, they knew what I was there for, would grab my bottle without having to ask. My favorite restaurant knows me and places my order for me. Not because of the amount of time I’m there but because I engage with the workers and staff. I’m genuinely treat them as humans.

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