Anyone else get itchy as heck when they try to fall asleep at night?

Anyone else get itchy as heck when they try to fall asleep at night?

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  1. Like a crawling sensation regardless of whether you have blankets over you or are completely exposed? Yeah, like every night. Clean sheets, doesn’t matter which detergent, definitely no bugs. My theory is that it’s like the touch equivalent of ringing in your ears. A sudden lack of noise after being around too much noise makes your brain fill in the gap, so maybe your skin does the same? I have literally nothing to back this up, just an odd theory.

  2. Chances are that it’s all in your mind. During the day you’ve got all sorts of stimuli for you to occupy your mind, once you’re in bed your mind has nothing else to concentrate on, so you notice the things that you would normally subconsciously ignore.

  3. Me! I feel always irritated at this. It also feels sometimes like some insect is crawling on my skin only to find none. We always clean and disinfect but the feeling remains.

  4. Have you ever noticed that just saying the word itchy makes you itchy?

    You might also try a different detergent if this happens every night.

  5. I don’t get itchy, but my feet get really hot sometimes! It’s really annoying and sometimes does cause an itch. But i usually have freezing cold extremities, so the warm up makes it so much worse for me

  6. You don’t have scabies do you? They are more active at night when you are laying still, thus become more itchy. Most noticeably around the wrists.

  7. No, not at all. But don’t you feel, when it’s late at night and you stick your feet out from the blanket to cool off, that something – something coldly indifferent, perhaps even evil – will reach up and grab your toes? That the more you denie the possibility, the more likely it is to happen?

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