Anyone else here who really dislikes summer because of the heat?

Anyone else here who really dislikes summer because of the heat?

What do you think?

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  1. I love winter because to protect from the temperature you can wear stuff and can cover yourself as much you want. You can eat anything. No sweat no stink

  2. Yeah, here in the UK we call a heatwave when it gets to 30°C.

    Most nights whenever there’s a heatwave I almost can’t sleep, and the heat outside is unbearable, meaning sports are pretty much a no-go, which is ironic for summer.

    F*** global warming.

  3. Me, else it would be great. I like that the sun shines until 9 or 10 PM. It’s dry which is great for runners. It’s okay to wear casual clothes.

    But the fking heat ruins everything. You can’t sleep at night because it’s too warm. (Over here AC isn’t common) You get sunburn. The heat makes you lethargic. Your PC may slow down because of the heat.

  4. I like shade in summer, shade and rain. It has perfect mornings and evenings, but the days are rough.

    In winter it’s 24/7 bundle up, and I don’t like wearing a lot of clothes.

    You can always wear more clothes, but never less. So if forced to choose, reasonably I’d choose winter. But I’m not reasonable, and I like summer more. I’d never move to a winter climate.

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