Anyone else just tired of how humanity treats each other for no reason?

Anyone else just tired of how humanity treats each other for no reason?

What do you think?

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  1. Yea, but we should also accept we are currently treating eachother better than ever before. History is full of violence, hatred and war, it’s still shit nonetheless, but less.

  2. Yup. And what annoys me most is that everyone screams freedom of speech in America but doesn’t seem to understand that works both ways. Both sides have equal right to express their views yet they constantly try to shut each other down with violence. I might not like what people say but I was taught to always respect their right to say it. But now a person can get killed n the street for defending a persons free speech. Due to mob mentality I no longer feel safe defending anyone. Peoples current public behavior has become so unpredictable that I feel unsafe taking my family to town. I no longer help strangers. I no longer hand money to beggars. I don’t stop for stranded motorists. I plan trips to be as private as possible. Never take public transport anymore. I’d rather charter an entire trip than to spend any substantial length of time around a stranger. I love y’all. And I pray for y’all. But I no longer want to be a part of a society where people can’t just leave each other alone.

  3. No. It’s just the blatant disrespect and how people still expect you to be just a happy go lucky guy. I’m just now finding out I don’t have to feel bad for everyone or take on all those problems, but now I’m this big POS because I finally stood up for myself and stopped taking the shit.

    Atleast that’s what’s about to happen. Nice guys finish last, if you end up with someone that’s just gonna suck you dry. And not in the good way.

  4. There is a reason that is fundamental and makes conflict unavoidable. See, humans have created a social system that requires we prey upon each other to survive. The system of resource allocation boils down to competition. That’s why sports are so important. Kids must be taught from the very youngest age to compete with each other. That’s because that is what they will face as adults. Children must be taught to celebrate their success over others or society doesn’t work.

    It’s built into the system and, until we come up with a better system, will remain.

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