Anyone remember when you could pump your gas before paying for it?

Anyone remember when you could pump your gas before paying for it?

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  1. I remember full service gas stations. A guy, often in a uniform, pumped your gas, washed your windshield and checked your oil. I remember because I was that guy in high school. Saw some things through that windshield…lol.

  2. Yes and the good old days when they weren’t watching your every move so you could sample the fruit at the grocery store or take a swig of petrol without anyone getting all you in your grill for stealing.

  3. Yes and that’s exactly how i thought the system still was when I pumped gas for the first car I drove. Nothing came out so I figured the one I was at was broken. It was rush hour and the other pumps were taken. I ended up going home.

    Then when I complained about the gas station always having a broken pump, that’s when I found out you had to pay first lolol

  4. I remember before self service. But a place in this area had roving attendants that watched people and the pumps and collected money. They got pay at the pump eventually.

  5. Yes, and I also remember the analog numbers on them with the notes of this dial is for this pump and the arrows, I remember when cigarettes were on the gas station counter (and not behind it) and you picked what you wanted, and, while I was a little kid I do remember when (as an American) gas price signs only had two slots since it was simply presumed you know it was under $1, they didn’t need that first slot with a decimal to indicate $1.XX, you just knew gas was 79 cents or 89 cents, etc.

  6. I can remember when they not only pumped it for you, but cleaned your windshield and checked your oil while they were at it. And call you (my Dad, actually), “Sir”. And all this from my Dad rolling down his window and saying, “Gimme a buck’s worth”.

  7. I did this within the last 10 years!

    I lived in a small town and there was a gas station right outside my little neighborhood of houses. The owner was also my mechanic and let me fill up before paying! And usually rounded down to the nearest dollar.

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