Apart from sex workers, what professions can get you laid the most?

Apart from sex workers, what professions can get you laid the most?

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  1. Plastic surgeon. Worked in an office once, the amount of girls who try to flirt with them, sleep with them, get “discounts” for favors. Once a girl thought she was emailing the surgeon directly but it went to the assistant, she was in pig tails in a cheerleading uniform suggestively eating a popsicle 😂 I would imagine most doctors get girls who’d like to try to get with them. And famous people too!

  2. Seriously, any job involving going to lots of trade shows. Had a friend who went to food trade shows a lot for work and according to him, the people there can get pretty wild.

  3. according to some random tinder “study”:


    1.Registered Nurse


    3. Photographer



    1.Interior Designer


    3.Physician’s Assistant

  4. Ski reps, from what I’ve heard it’s basically a massive orgy for all those who want to take part (including the customers of the ski travel companies as they are quite often the same age as the ski reps).

  5. Bartending or anything that involves traveling to conferences and conventions

    People drinking start eyeing you when bartending and people are always looking to hook up when they’re away from their hometowns

  6. Maybe not the most but from what I hear it’s pretty consistent.

    Pharmaceutical rep. A friend was a pharmaceutical rep, which is a field with mostly young good looking men and women. She said the company conferences were sickening the number of people that fucking, many of them that were married.

    Restaurant staff. It’s pretty common knowledge most people in the restaurant are fucking.

    Disney intern. This is that summer “internship” at Disney where you basically just work at the park. Tons of college kids who work all day and party all night. Heard it was just a straight up fuckfest.

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