Are you ok? What would make your life better?

Are you ok? What would make your life better?

What do you think?

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  1. Not being mentally ill. Knowing what I want to do in life and have the courage to do it. Liking myself better, which includes having more empathy for my past and current self. Being able to open up more in relationships, specifically being able to express affection and pain without having to use humor, downplaying or hiding it completely. Being at peace with the past.

    Thanks for this question, got me thinking.

  2. Good healthcare. I know I’m not in a good healthy place. But I live in a mega capitalist country where I have to pay for insurance. And I can’t afford the ones I need for my health issues. So I struggle. And it will end up killing me one day.

  3. I’m just on the verge of ok and not ok. Still picking myself up from injuring my back in 2018, not being able to walk, not being able to work, having to sell my van and car then being homeless.

    Had an op in 2019. Got a house and job again just over a year ago followed by a cheap car. Still budgeting paycheck to paycheck, swamped by debts incurred through not being able to work. A nice £9k to put all those debts behind me and start from a fresh again would be amazing right now but I’m just ok with doing it the long way, even if it takes me then next few years.

  4. I’m okay for now but a little anxious about the future. Economy in my country sucks. My degree would be a money magnet abroad. Here? Not so much. There’s only one convenient job in my area that pays enough for survival.

  5. I’m pretty Ok. For now. Things are tough sometimes but… I manage. Having pain and limitations due to it is annoying and all that… again I manage.

    Would be nice to not worry about bills from time to time. It’s OK though. I can manage.

  6. While physically okay, I struggle with my mental health. It’s not depression I think, but more of a “why am I like this” and “why do I keep complicating my own life”. Getting on the right track is hard as hell, man…

  7. I’m not okay.

    I lost my job and my apartment and my fiancée broke up with me, all within a week or so. Now I’m living with my mom a thousand miles away from where I called home and I have no idea what to do or how to pay my bills.

    Things that would make me better: realizing I was sabotaging myself before it was too late. Another chance with my fiancée and my job.

    I’m just so heartbroken.

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