As a father, how do you prepare your daughter to react in situations where she might be in danger of sexual assault?

As a father, how do you prepare your daughter to react in situations where she might be in danger of sexual assault?

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  1. First, teach her to acknowledge when she’s uncomfortable in any situation, then to be vocal. Then, we work on targeting nuts, palm to nose, trachea punches, etc.

  2. It was soooo crucial for me as a young naive teen age girl to learn and fully understand that every single guy that is pursuing me isn’t doing it to be friends. I thought being nice was the way to go but you lead ppl on that way and ppl get angry. As soon as I learned all guys are pigs I was able to stick up for myself. Then I didn’t feel bad when I didn’t pay them attention bc I knew they weren’t worried about my friendship anyways. Let her know that she is not responsible for ppls feelings and it is her right to only hang around ppl she feels safe with

  3. A lot of men will use her politeness and youth to trap her in conversation. When I was 19(looked younger honestly) men would constantly stop me and I wouldnt want to be rude to them. Pulling off a “bitch face” and walking away when they ‘compliment’ you will save you from starting a bad conversation

  4. It’s a messy subject, because all the advice is contradictory.

    It boils down to, live your life, but be careful because there are assholes. Then follow that with specific advice: guard your drink at parties, stick with friends when possible, listen to your gut, and don’t try to downplay worries, you may have noticed something you didn’t know you noticed.

  5. I’m a mother, but we’re starting by teaching her how to have and hold boundaries, that she is absolutely in control of her own body, and that she does not need to put other people’s comfort ahead of her own. We’re teaching her to be a strong and capable person. She’s a toddler now, so this will just be the foundation we lay to give her the skills she needs to protect herself in the future. There will be more down the road as she grows.

  6. I hope i can’t help her learn to be smart enough to protect herself in a situation like that. I will share every bit of knowledge I can with her. Self defense or proper gun knowledge or whatever the case may warrant. That being said I also hope to teach her how to be aware of such situations and hopefully be able to avoid them. Obviously thats never a guarantee, so yes I will teach her how to defend her life in any way possible. I’m not trying to sound like I’m some badass or anything cocky, im simply saying I would want her to be able to protect her life no matter what, same as I would do for her or anyone else

  7. I don’t have any daughters, but I teach my son’s to respect women beginning with how I treat their mother and how I expect them to treat their mother. Then it branches out from there.

  8. Teach her to yell Fire! Fire! As loud as possible. People will look for a fire, call for help if they think something is endangering them or may effect them. People ignore screams and cries for help. Teach her if someone tells her she needs to keep a secret from you, that’s not good. You 2 have no secrets. If they are doing something that needs to be a secret, daddy wants to be friends with him.

  9. It can be a tough and scary world. There are books that I have read my kids (both under 10) that help them learn about what’s appropriate and what’s not. Teaching them that they can say “no” is important, and that they need to tell you if someone keeps touching them anywhere after they say “no”. Teach her that there shouldn’t be “secrets”(“surprises” like for birthday gifts are very different) that she keeps from you, and that any grownup that wants her to keep a secret from you is not ok. Teach her that you are a safe place that she can share if she feels uncomfortable. And listen to her.

    Also: If you’re tickling her and she says stop, then stop.

  10. 1. The best way to avoid being raped is to stay out of situations where they are most likely to happen. Don’t go to parties where you don’t know anyone. Don’t leave any place with a man you don’t know.

    2. Do not ingest anything from people you don’t know well that are open. Don’t except a drink from a stranger if you didn’t see it poured. Don’t eat brownies at a wild parties without close inspection. Don’t smoke *anything*.

    3. If you are in a situation where you might be in danger in spite of all this, *make a scene*: scream, bang on walls, do whatever it takes to get others’ attention so you’re not a victim of a violent crime.

    4. Don’t go off by yourself. Always keep close trusted friends around you. It’s much harder to target a woman who has two or three friends around, and they’re all looking out for each other. Make a pact that if one of you is incapacitated, the other two will see her her back to her home/dorm/apartment safely.

  11. Teach her to shoot and make sure she’s got a carry pistol she can trust. Giving a would-be rapist nine millimeters’ worth of food for thought is the best form of self-defense.

  12. If she’s old enough, get her basic weapons training. My ex gf used to carry pepper spray on her keychain and one hand in her purse on said pepper spray incase someone tried some funny business and she/we were walking somewhere at night in college. I’ve never been pepper sprayed, but from what I’ve read it’s up there with a taser, or like a .22 pistol as far as pain levels and disorientation go and would probably stop most people who aren’t insane.

  13. Teach her how to properly assess risk and how to prepare. Walking alone down a dark street in downtown Chicago’s bad part of town is probably not a good thing to do. Having proper judgement will cut out 90% of scenarios.

    Assuming she does everything right, she can still find herself in this scenario. At this point, she should be loud, assertive, demanding, and resort to violence if necessary to defend herself. Some basic self defense classes often go a long way for confidence. If appropriate, concealed carry is also an option to defend herself.

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