At what age do you believe sleepovers with significant others should be allowed?

At what age do you believe sleepovers with significant others should be allowed?

What do you think?


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  1. When one is ready to maturely deal with all the possible outcomes of having sex.

    Have all the potential “side effects” of sex been examined and a plan devised for the probability of a negative outcome?

  2. Eh, if they want to have sex, they’re going to find a way to do it. I would rather they try somewhere safe. I don’t know, my boyfriend moved in with us when I was 16 because of his own family problems but we didn’t go crazy.


    It would really depend on their schedules. Maybe he just hangs out til 10/11 pm on the weekend, maybe he can stay but take the couch. I am really not looking forward to when our kids are this age, now.

  3. From age 15 on it wasn’t a problem at my house, as long as my parents knew who my sister and I were dating and got to know them a little bit.

    I don’t understand the comments here but I’m not American so maybe it’s just a cultural difference. Sex is normal, also for teens. I’m glad my parents saw it that way. They provided us with condoms too and took us to the doctor when we asked for birth control pills.

  4. If they can get alone with them at any other point in time you might as well let it happen, because if they have the opportunity to fuck they will fuck regardless if it is at the safety of your house or in the parking lot of the cinema.

  5. It depends on the couple. My sister is 16 and her BF has slept over….because his parents were abusive jerks so he felt safer at our house.

    Plus, my sister is very honest and trustworthy, her BF is super respectful and loves my family, and both of them are good kids who don’t get in serious trouble. (My sister can be a smartass but that’s beside the point lmao)

    On the OTHER hand, I definitely had friends in HS who shouldn’t sleepover with their s/o’s—some teens are more irresponsible, impulsive, and sneaky than others. Plus, in my house it was just my parents, sister, and I; but one of my more irresponsible friends had like 4 little sisters. So there’s contextual circumstances that change judgment.

  6. Restricting youngsters is a guaranteed way of experiencing trouble. Make sure both are educated, if anything *should* happen, and show them you trust them. If you make them know beforehand what they might get themselves into, they’ll most likely be careful (not always, it depends), at whatever given age. And if the parent refuses to tell them about the, well, we know what this question is going about most likely, subject, they’ll do it anyway at the schools bathroom without protection because it’s what they want. Just let them have their fun, but with the knowledge they need to not f up their life.

  7. Teenagers are gonna fuck. I’d rather they do it in a safe environment than get groomed or take stupid risks. I went through enough shit because my parents wouldn’t respect my privacy to risk someone else going through it.

  8. Any age dude.

    I’d much rather have a child sleeping with their SO in the comfort of their own home, under a protective roof, and with the respect and condom supply of a parent that knows about boundaries, than let a child do it in the pub toilets

  9. I’d probably allow it at 16+. I have a whole decade before I really have to figure that out. My mentality is either I’m going to be supportive and be honest with her or she might put herself in a dangerous situation

  10. Depends, when the individual kid is old and wise enough to follow basic common sense and use protection and to understand if that relationship is gonna cause long-standing problems for them. I’d go for “not under my roof” for a kid that may neglect school a lot for a temporary partner or a kid you can’t trust to use a condom and “sure go ahead” for a couple of 15 year olds that you can trust.

  11. Ladies and Gentlemen, you are all thinking too inside the box. Be the person who gives your child the opportunity for adventure. Some of my best sexual experiences were lives In the risk of public where the knowledge that things could go wrong are what made it so fun

  12. Had a friend who just got married. Mexican woman marrying a white guy. Both early 30’s. They’d been dating for years and her parents honestly believed (cuz of religion) that they hadn’t yet slept together and they weren’t allowed to live together. It blows my mind that that mindset can even exist in this day and age.

  13. It’s a delicate balance. Teens are going to have sex. It’s going to happen whether you like it or not and whether or not you prepare them for it. I would rather have my son in my house with his s/o, with protection, and getting to know his girlfriend (and also informing her of sexual safety and responsibilities) then have them off fucking in a car on the side of the road with no protection. I do NOT want to be a grandma. For a long, long, long time.

  14. My parents let me have my partner over for sleepovers when I was 15/16. To be fair, I am a lesbian so pregnancy wasn’t a concern of theirs. I think 15/16 is a normal age to start having sex and I’d rather my kids do it in the safety of my home than feel like they have to sneak off to random places to do it.

  15. It’s not my job to be my kid’s friend or “cool”. If you’re a minor, I am not facilitating your attempts to have a sex life, just like I’m not facilitating drinking or cannabis, and you will be in trouble if I catch you.

    I don’t buy the “well they’re going to figure out how to do it anyway” argument. A kid who wants to do anything they shouldn’t is probably going to figure it out, but that doesn’t mean the adults should make it easy.

    Once they’re an actual – in the legal sense – adult, we can talk about reasonable boundaries, respect and privacy in the home. If one of my daughter’s brings a SO home from college, that’s just my baby growing up, good for her.

  16. My guess is the bulk of individuals commenting here are children, or young adults that don’t have children that are old enough to have sex.

    As for the question: Never. You want to have sex? Go get your own damned house.

  17. 18 and living on their own. Teens are going to have sex, you do everything you can to teach them to be responsible, but you also dont make it any easier for them because nobody wants to be stuck caring for a pregnant teenager.

  18. When you’re grown and out the house. You gotta be a major fool to let either your daughters boyfriend and sons girlfriend spend the night and think they’re gonna sing church hymns all night. The second they think they can get away with it they will bump uglies.

    Source: used to be a teenager

  19. It’s not about the age, but how they behave.
    If they can prove that they won’t bother anyone else, that they will be responsible for whatever they do and are serious about it.
    Then i feel they deserve the permission.

  20. I love questions like this on here because reddit paints a picture of things being normal, even though in the real world they aren’t normal for most people lol. Most parents aren’t like “it’s cool if my minor bangs their gf/bf the next room over. Nbd.” Super creepy to want your minor children to have sex under your roof.

  21. When they are married. Out of respect for their parents no unmarried adult child should be having sex in their parents house. So definitely no underaged child needs to having sex in their parents house. When did we stop respecting our parents? And why as parents have we stopped expecting it of our children?

  22. Around 16 if they had a relationship for a while. I had my first girlfriend when I was about 15-16 and she wasn’t ready to get it on. I was.

    We never slept together, and I’m glad we didn’t (as she wasn’t ready). Sleeping together would put pressure on it for her, and I wouldn’t want that.

    Still sucks she fucked my brother about 2 months after we broke up, yet I never got into her pants though.

  23. When they want, sleepovers dont prevent anything. My bfs mom didnt want us to sleep over when we were younger but all it did was make her look worse in our eyes. If they want to do anything physical they wont only do that during nighttime. Even if you want to “protect” your kid you just come off as controlling and not very understanding.

    Just make sure your kid knows to say no if they dont want to do anything physical and let them be with the person they like.

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