Atheist of Reddit, do any of you read the Bible just for the story? Like how some people read Greek mythology?

Atheist of Reddit, do any of you read the Bible just for the story? Like how some people read Greek mythology?

What do you think?

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  1. I’m Atheist and a huge fan of bible stories. I quote a lot of scripture in regular conversation. I was raised Catholic but reading the bible is actually what convinced me to become Atheist. I figured that doing actions specifically to try to get into heaven, like going to church, paying tithes, decorating my home with religious memorabilia like candles of saints, etc. are all directly opposed to the teachings of Jesus. (Matthew 6:5-8, Matthew 21:12–17, Luke 4:8)

    The actions Jesus wants us to do, like helping the sick, not hording wealth, forgiving others, etc. these are all things people should still do even if God and heaven don’t exist. (Matthew 8, Mark 10:24–27, Matthew 5-7) So I live my life like there is no God because if that’s true then at least I lived my life by helping people. If there is a God, then they should love me for spending my life helping others. If there is a God that only wants to reward me for worshiping them, building monuments for them, or overall want me to do things that don’t ease the suffering of others, then I wouldn’t want to follow that God anyway.

  2. I personally don’t. I was taught it when I was younger, and I remember some of it.

    Each to their own and all that, but whether in school or church, it was always presented as truth which wasn’t for me

    I love Greek Mythology as I’ve always found it fascinating and I’ve chosen to learn about it myself as a subject

  3. Honestly, Exodus could have been released as it’s own novel and would have sold gangbusters. It would have been Lord of the Rings/ To Kill a Mockingbird-level culture-defining.

  4. Yeah. I recently became an athiest after a year or so of serious spiritual struggle, but I still believe that Jesus was a great man and philosopher, who had a bunch of wise things to say. He just wasn’t god. And that’s okay with me

  5. I wouldnt necessarily consider myself an Athiest (more of an Agnostic) but I have indeed read the Bible practically cover to cover for the purpose of its literature alone.

    Took a series of literature classes in college about it.

  6. No, but I enjoy the art and the architechture and literature in general, so I try to keep track of the well-known stories and characters. As you say, like with Greek mythology.

  7. I never read the bible (old or new testament) when I was attending church/catholic school or for bible study. Since realizing that there is no god(s) I read it more because I like to put idiot Christians in there place when they try to use fallacies in a debate.

  8. I am not an atheist but am not a part of a religion and I dont read the bible but know storys from the bible and quaran because I have a christine father and muslim mother

  9. I tried to read it cover to cover like a regular book but I found it boring and repetitive. I can’t remember how far I even got doing it that way.

    I do enjoy reading Revelation and the story of Samson.

  10. If you read the gospels in the New Testament, you’ll find that the lessons Jesus is portrayed as teaching contradict the actual operating principles of most organized “Christian” religions

  11. Muslim checking in. Our book is super boring and repetitive, and not a story but more like a philosophical essay.

    Greek mythology doesn’t purport to be a source of moral clarity, so the scintillating drama and lascivious details speak to Human frailty. It isn’t telling people how to act, but sympathizing with people who feel battered back and forth by forces bigger than them. It is the story of tragedy upon tragedy.

    The Christian Bible is not that. The Christian Bible is full of exciting stories like Greek mythology, but it also really wants to be a philosophical essay on how to live your life. And these things don’t get along well. Because people in the Bible will act in horrifying ways, but then will be framed as heroes rather than tragic figures.

    Whereas we pity Odysseus for being torn apart by his own lust and pride, we’re expected to root for David as he gets his friend killed so he can sleep with the dead man’s wife. Whereas we pity Achilles when he’s tormented by his sense of honor and his rage in the face of loss, we’re expected to cheer on as Lot’s daughters get their father drunk and rape him.

    The only morally consistent figure in the Christian Bible is Jesus, who does what he says and says what he does. He does good things, and these are framed as good. But he’s not nearly as dramatic and interesting a character as Agamemnon or Elektra, who are mired in horrors.

    Overall the Bible fails at storytelling by being condescendingly preachy, while failing at its philosophical goal because it tries to glorify morally hideous people.

    So, our book may be more boring, but at least it’s well written.

  12. I’m an aithiest but my mom’s side is Cristian but me and my dad don’t believe in God or Jesus or Mary or angels the devil none of it I read the Bible one day to see what they are sooo interested in yeah I laughed so much that day………I was actually called a sinner by a nun at there church they even broke out the sage u are probably thinking how did that happen I called her a bitch I was 7

  13. If you live in western culture, you can’t call yourself truly educated if you are ignorant of the Bible. Art, literature, music, laws, common expressions, common names of people and places- all are influenced by the Bible.

  14. I know this isn’t what u asked for but I read the whole bible when I was younger. After that I started researching and found out in bible classes in colleges they actually straight up tell you what is a fabrication. I immediately became an atheist then and there

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