Atheists, did you never believe in god or what made you switch sides?

Atheists, did you never believe in god or what made you switch sides?

What do you think?


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  1. Switch sides?

    It’s not really like that. It’s more like walking away or feel compelled to go in another direction. At first, it’s usually lonely.

    Anyway, for me it was a curiosity about other religions. I did a lot of research (this was pre-Internet) on my own and found the more I looked at all of it the more obvious it became it was all made up. It’s clear we created god and all the myths and there’s no need to adhere to those things any longer.

  2. I was always atheist as my parents weren’t religious. I honestly feel lucky sometimes because I was exposed to a lot of different ideas about life and creation and whenever I’d ask which was the right religion they’d tell me, “There are a lot of ideas about what happens after death and how we came to be but if everyone is being honest…no one really knows, so it’s really just which one makes you happiest.”

  3. I am sure I believed at some point, just like I believed in Santa Claus. At some point you start thinking critically, though, and realize it makes no sense. And I don’t consider it a “side” to be on.

  4. Used to believe. Then I read the bible. Realized none of this shit could be real. Then realized there WAS no supporting evidence for anything in there.
    And the god was spiteful, hateful, and promoted war as a way to resolve conflicts, and also supported slavery and SEXUAL slavery of young girls.
    So I’m like WTF ?? This god doesn’t deserve worshiping. hes’ a monster. And realized there couldn’t possibly be a god like that. I mean: HE ADMITTED CREATING EVIL….

  5. Recently I made my own conclusion that religion is someone else’s interpretation of events that may or may not have happened before they could be proven by modern science. This combined with the incendiary rhetoric of religious extremism, the exclusivity/elitism of churches, and the irrefutable evidence of evolution were enough to help make that decision

    EDIT: I have also learned that religion is more or less an institution and belief is something else entirely

  6. I was raised religious but I never believed in any of it. I always thought it was silly when I was little and all the adults were just pretending, although I could never figure out why.

  7. I was never a believer despite being raised in a religious household. As a matter of fact I remember being confused and slightly horrified when I realized that everyone else of my family actually believed in these”ridiculous” stories. Up until that point I thought it was like Santa Claus, a collection of stories and fables meant to encourage good behavior that no one really believed in anymore.

  8. Yes, no, maybe, sort of. It’s easy to believe in God without believing in religion. Make it your own, and find something that works with your own personal logic.

    Meditation and LSD have brought me closer to God than any religion could ever hope to.

  9. My parents dragged me to Sunday School when I was a kid. What I liked about going there were the books in the library. I took one or two home every week. They were “regular” books, like “Lassie Come Home” and “Lad, A Dog.” I remember going along with the idea of an invisible person in the sky shaking his finger at me if I was bad but totally believe it? Nope, but it took me a couple of decades to completely shake that brainwashing most kids are subjected to. What a relief when I finally realized I was completely free of that delusion.

  10. Went to a Catholic school where your first holy communion was a Big Thing, with a whole ceremony, fancy clothes, family visits and lots of presents. Everyone was Catholic, and I was only like 7 years old, so I didn’t know any better. However, my parents never went to church other than baptisms, funerals and the like. When I reached the age of 12, when you are supposed to do your confirmation, I already had decided that religion was rather silly. My parents, as the majority of people at he time, didnt really care. So I never believed in God.

  11. My powers of logic and independent critical thinking developed as I grew up.

    I remember one incident that spurred my introspection regarding religion. I was in a religion class and the teacher said that in the Catholic religion if you are not baptized you cannot go to heaven. So I asked if the most pious husband and wife are on a cruise and the ship sinks and they’re stuck on a desert island and they have a child there’s no way the child can go to heaven? And he said no. Religion is just another pyramid scheme. That started me on the path of critically thinking about theology in general.

  12. Raised Catholic. Not very strict though and I only really believed the generals and didn’t think about it too much.

    Then I found Carl Sagan and learned about skepticism and astronomy and figured out that the bible was a bunch of old myths and tall tales and that science was a much better way to understand reality.

  13. I don’t call myself an atheist but I’ve never believed in any sort of God. I know i guys i am by definition but atheist groups are lame. I don’t need a group to not believe. Just wasnt raised that way… most scientists I know are religious though. Believing in science does not make you an atheist. There is no other side. Just a question if you believe in a God or not.

    Plenty of idiot atheists and brilliant religious scientists

  14. I think I reached a point where the universe became a more threatening place to believe something could be planning what happens here.

    I used to believe in a lot of things about people I don’t necessarily believe anymore. If we’re painted in the image of something, I do not want to meet the model. I do not want to meet the artist. That would be so much worse than there simply being nothing.

    Life is incredibly, incredibly cruel. If there is something all-powerful and all-knowing out there, this is exactly the world it wanted down to the finest detail. Acknowledging that is even possible is a *horrific* line of thought.

  15. When I was a kid I grew up Baptist but fairly liberal. We went to church every Sunday but my mom also taught me about evolution. My next door neighbor and friend on the other hand grew up in a pretty evangelical home. He wasn’t even allowed to listen to rock music or go to the movies. I had another friend who was Catholic and I found it weird that they didn’t eat meat on Fridays.

    At a certain point, maybe around 10 or so, I started to think…all these people call themselves Christian but nobody agrees on one set of beliefs. I cant say I became an atheist in that moment, it took years. But that was when my journey began.

    Strangely as I get older I’m more open to religion and spirituality and the ‘mysteries’ of existence. I dont have any set beliefs and I’ll never be a Christian again, but I wonder if i can still call myself an atheist.

  16. Yes, grew up fully catholic.

    Started to leave church when i realied they twisted the words of the bible to fit their agenda for omitting LBGQT+ . Once i realized that i questioned everything they said….found they twist everything and really the bible is hearsay.

    If you want to believe in something that cannot be proven by science, go ahead.

    Not for me. I need science.

  17. Third grade getting ready for reconcilliation, i wondered if god was everywhere why did i have to confess to a priest; couldnt i just talk to him myself?

    After no one had an answer, the doubt train just kinda kept on chuggin.

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