Atheists of reddit do Christians sound like cultists when talking about the religion in general?

Atheists of reddit do Christians sound like cultists when talking about the religion in general?

What do you think?

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  1. As an atheist who also happens to be a professor of Christianity at a university (US), no, but that’s because my exposure to Christianity is largely in the academic sphere (as in, Christian professors who understand a lot of the claims as bullshit).

    There is often a noticable cultiness around certain programs, however, particularly at some seminaries or more conservative leaning institutions (like George Fox or Wheaton, etc).

  2. not to me. if someone is religious and finds peace with it then so what? people are free to believe what they want and if believing or even worshipping a god is what gets them through life then more power to them as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others which sadly is the case with some religious people.

    i have religious friends, we rarely talk about religion as theres millions of other topics to talk and laugh about. when we do talk about religion its normally about something funny that happened at one of their religious events.

  3. Not an atheist, but…

    They literally are cultists, given the definition of ‘cult’, but most do sound like the kind of cultist you mean. Especially baptists and Catholics.

  4. Yes and no, in my experience there are two types of Christians. Type A: the true Christians who are genuinely kind and caring and just want to help the world and believe in the teachings of God. These ones are not very cult like, they aren’t going to threaten you into joining the church. They are the type who goes to homeless shelters to help out, go on missionary trips to build schools and houses in poverty stricken countries Type B: the false Christians who use the word of God to justify their hate which actually goes against the Bible. They are more cult like, they will make threats to scare you into joining. They don’t actually follow the word of God but have a holier than thou attitude.

  5. Depends.

    Listening to people with a doctrinal education have a discussion (my favorite is discussions of Orthodox vs Catholic doctrine) is fascinating. It sounds like a philosophical debate between, if not scholars, then at least well educated adherents.

    Listening to evangelical prostelyzing is creepy. It feels deceptively showy and distinctly at odds in tone with the message, and there never seems to be much thought given to the worship, just blind and overpowering emotion.

    This isn’t unique to religion. Well reasoned and academic discussion of a topic will always sound less insane than excessive emoting and blind adherence.

  6. Depends on the flavor. There are some Christians who believe in god and doing good things to help other people. Nothing wrong there.

    The ones who quote scripture and use the words of a book translated into and out of multiple languages as a basis to hurt people. Well yeah, that’s just cultist bullshit.

  7. Depends on the Christian.

    If its someone who gets on with their life and also has their faith, its not so much of an issue.

    If its the sort of Christian who feels they need to “spread the word” at every opportunity, has “love Jesus” bumper stickers, talks about the lord at any given chance and plays the victim whenever they’re asked to chill out a bit, then yes, very much cultish.

  8. They just sound completely insane. Most of them have never even read the foundational book they claim to believe. Sure they’ve read parts of it, but almost none have even once gone cover to cover. Those who have suddenly take on the “well, it’s allegorical” mindset, which is still nuts.

    Their imagery is horrific and they’re so brainwashed they have no clue what they’re actually looking at. A broken, tortured bloody and dying man? “That’s love” they say. No, that’s torturous abuse that you’re jedi mind tricked into believing is love. You don’t hurt those you love. You don’t pass on a death sentence to a person because someone else committed a crime, that’s not love, that’s a clear miscarriage of justice.

    They’re brainwashed to not see the horrors of their own rituals. They believe in human sacrifice and consuming human flesh and drinking human blood. They’ll tell you this is a beautiful ritual. They’ll pass off you pointing out their own religion says this isn’t a symbolic thing, which is STILL abhorrent in and of itself, but in their religion it’s thought to be very very real. A priest stands at an alter and actually believes that magic words and gestures turns wafers and wine into actual human flesh and blood. THIS IS WHAT THEY ACTUALLY BELIEVE. They then take turns in eating this human flesh and drinking human blood to get closer to their God.

    Again, this is what their priests are telling them they are doing, yet their minds recoil from that horror or try to cover it up with “symbolism” but their own religious leadership has stated for thousands of years this is real, not symbolic.

    Look objectively at their imagery. It’s all death or mutilation or exposed bleeding heats on fire. Dead and dying bodies, alters and human sacrifice, drinking human blood and eating human flesh, but they’ve been told that’s what love looks like. It’s such a clear case of abuse grooming to anyone outside of that bubble, but they’ve done such a good job at childhood brain washing that they’re nearly immune to the actual images they’re looking at. They can’t see what they’re actually seeing.

    Every verse, song and story has medieval concepts of bowing, scraping, groveling to the will of a Lord who reigns over them. They’re only considered good if they’re on their knees begging for forgiveness. They’re not equal, they’re beneath. They’re lowly dirt creatures born into sin and only cleansed through abuse, groveling, human sacrifice and cannibalism.

    It’s a completely mad belief system. The worst part is they’ll straight up deny all of this even though you can point to their own windows and reliefs and point out the gore. They insist those gory images mean love. It’s insane.

  9. Yes. I think many really don’t understand how weird it is that they pray towards a depiction of a torture device (including torture victim for Catholics), pretend to drink blood (which they believe is literally blood), say things like “I’m saved by the blood of the lamb”, the whole “born again” thing…it’s just very, deeply weird. That’s not even getting into the ones that speak in tongues or dance around with rattlesnakes.

  10. Yes, most Christians who wanted to talk about their religion did so indeed.

    Weirdly folks from other religions didn’t radiate such “cultist vibes”.

    (I’m agnostic and not atheist, but I guess that’s still okay for this post)

  11. Most Christians I’ve come across don’t know enough about their religion to really talk about it.

    The most culty thing imo is the serious Stockholm Syndrome around their god. He is straight up evil. Like the story of Job where God allows Satan to kill his wife, kids, destroy him financially, and give him a pox just to prove a point. Obviously the story is allegorical, but if you think any of Jobs story is commendable you’re a fucking lunatic.

  12. I mean it depends really. There are a lot of people in America(and the world tbh) who identify as Christian so the spectrum is broad. The people who go to church for the major holidays and celebrate like christmas and easter but don’t take things too seriously, no, not at all. The rabid evangelicals who believe the second coming is only 5 years away for the past like 2000 years and fetishize it to uncomfortable levels? Yeah, absolute madness.

  13. It isn’t just Christians…

    Anyone that’s involved with any organized religion sounds like they’re cult members whenever they talk religion…

    I mean there really isn’t that much difference between a cult and a religion to begin with other than general semantics and their hoped for endgame…

  14. It doesn’t bother me if a religious person wants to share their beliefs. It’s when you expect me to share the same beliefs. When you try to convince me away from my own beliefs. When you tell me what I believe in is wrong. That what you believe in is the only right there is. When you start calling me a sinner and tell me I’m going to hell. Then it sounds cultish. You do what’s good for you. I’ll do what’s good for me. Leave it at that.

  15. Depends. When they start quoting scripture, or using the Bible (or whatever holy book they use) as a “source”, yes, they sound culty. If they can’t have a regular conversation without inserting something about their religion, it’s more cult like. I have had too many conversations that have nothing to do with religion at all but they have to insert Jesus somehow.

  16. Pretty much. Religious people all sound like nutjobs to me tho. Honestly anyone who doesn’t explicitly understand that there is no god and any kind of faith or spiritual whatever is obvious nonsense either seems extremely unintelligent or crazy to me. Just everyone.

  17. Most do, but not all some are just good people who happen to have religion but alot of others religion is their only personality and they havent read all of their manual.

  18. often yes. but no a dangerous cult or anything! just people who think differently and rely on their faith.. that has always been kind of alien to me. like a 2000 year old book says some insane magical things that are at all not verifiable and they just go “ah.. sure il believe that”.

    a lot are also convinced that i secretly know he is real and that i am just.. i dunno.. angry at him? and that i am trying to spite him?



    (not an native English speaker. hope my English didn’t suck :p )

  19. Yes- (assuming you are Christian), it is how you might think of Muslims, Pagans, or Zeus-worshippers.

    Except it’s disheartening to see this cult have a large influence on US politics. And even more disheartening to see “moderate” members of the cult tacitly approve it. So I think worse of Christianity than, say, Zeus-worship.

  20. All religion talk sounds culty to me, not usually just Christianity.

    ~~Not atheist- honestly too much to worry about in general to have to label myself with a religion too~~

  21. I’m from the U.S., so I am speaking from that perspective.

    I do feel a degree of wariness around anyone who goes out of their way to identify themselves as Christian. While I realistically know there are Christians who are perfectly content to live and let live, and who aren’t bigots, Christianity as a whole in the U.S. has a major problem with being a right-wing political cult with a veneer of spirituality.

    Most of the types of Christians who aren’t cult-like have awareness and consideration for the fact that there are people of other beliefs and don’t go around loudly announcing their beliefs wherever they go unprompted. So whenever Christianity gets brought up unprompted I do see it as a red flag and feel that it comes across as cult-like.

    Some other considerations: can they talk about Christianity without it being dismissive, patronizing, villainizing, or antagonistic towards other people? Can they talk about Christianity without tying it into politics and right-wing talking points? Cults basically rely on us-vs-them mentality and many Christians here seem deeply stuck in that mentality.

    So to summarize: if they mention their beliefs in a context where it was asked for or is sensible to have been brought up, and they can discuss Christianity without it just being about other people they don’t like or right-wing talking points, then I don’t think of them as being in a cult. If it is brought up entirely unprompted in any way I feel wary, and if they just start parroting right-wing talking points or speaking poorly of people for having other beliefs, then yes, I think of them as being effectively a cult member and attempt to avoid them as much as possible.

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