Atheists, what do you believe in? [Serious]

Atheists, what do you believe in? [Serious]

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  1. Atheism is the *lack* of religious belief.

    Asking OPs question is like asking “Strawberry jam, why can’t you be peanut butter?”. It’s because they’re two different things.

    But, the answer is dogs.

  2. I don’t “believe” in anything. Because that requires faith in the absence of evidence. I understand scientific research and culture helps to provide structure to how we see the world but even this is just a system of theories that are constantly being revised and updated and replaced.

  3. * There is no plan, no grand design. There is what happens and how we respond to it.
    * Justice only exists to the extent we create it. We can’t count on supernatural justice to balance the scales in the afterlife, so we need to do the best we can to make it work out in the here and now.
    * My life and the life of every other human being is something that was extremely unlikely. That makes it rare, precious, and worth preserving.
    * Nothing outside of us assigns meaning to our lives. We have to create meaning for our lives ourselves.

  4. Things I can observe and record (and repeat) and prove. I also believe a lot of our scientific theories are correct, or at least very nearly correct.

  5. We generally believe everything everyone else believes. We just don’t have faith. Faith means believing something without a good reason AKA gullibility.

  6. When I was young I used to think that after death you would have access to a PC that you could see absolutely anything any your life. Stats, any question you had no matter how obscure, replays of moments, perspectives of others in relation to you. No matter what you wanted to know, if it was relatable to you, you could see it.

    I know it’s silly, but as time goes on I just want it to be real, and I don’t think I’d have any issue allowing myself to fall into that delusion

  7. I believe in energy.

    Had too many paranormal and near death experiences to think there isn’t something. But mostly confused energy and recycling it.

    I don’t believe in any sort of God or religion. But I believe in being a good person, and if you’re a horrible person, no amount of repenting will save you.

  8. Depends on how you define beliefe, I guess.

    Do I make assumptions I can’t (reasonably) prove and act based on them? Yes, every single second.

    Am I 100% sure about any of them if you ask me about one of them explicitly? No, I don’t think so. Can’t think of anything I’m 100% sure of.

  9. I don’t necessarily believe in a singular entity that has control of all domain. If the universe is to be because there must be something, then that would suggest we are just along for the ride that was allotted a seat for a period of time.

    I personally think that there truly could be a “higher power”, only that the way we would define such a being is severely misconstrued. If an entity existed that was “outside the box” of the universe, I would assume that there would be more than one of this entity and they could be deemed a species that has their own form of society.

    As we progress into the future, it’s very clear that we are gaining vast knowledge that changes how we perceive our surroundings. These entities would be so far beyond our current understanding of what it means to just solely exist. We couldn’t truly ever understand their intentions or meanings towards anything. We could be considered ants and they would be the humans in this regard, you just truly couldn’t fathom what their existence and experiences mean.

    Why would a singular entity create what this all is? I could most definitely see a group of entities that created the universe and the reason as to why is something we couldn’t ever understand.

  10. This is missing the point. We accept that we don’t have answers to certain questions, or at least we don’t have any comforting answers.

    We decide we would rather understand what we can and accept those limitations that voluntarily participate in a charade of professing to believe in something which either has no proof or has already been largely proven to be very unlikely

  11. That the only thing know for a fact are what we are currently experiencing. Don’t waste that time on making it worse for others. Do marvel at the amazing thing that is life and the short time we have to experience it.

  12. I try hard not to “believe” anything at all. Belief is for people who don’t have (or want) proof and who let illusion rule their lives.

    Facts don’t care about your beliefs.

  13. Not believing in any supernatural is atheism by definition. So nothing basically.

    I could mention science, but that is not a belief. Science is just an organized collection of observations and a bunch of theories how to interpret them according to our current knowledge.

  14. I suppose “what do you believe in as in some kind of deity?”

    for that? I simply don’t. Look up the word Atheist. because you’re asking someone **who by definition** does not believe in deities… what deity they believe in.

    Which is kinda weird on your part.

    But to answer your question? I believe I’ll go make lunch now.

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