Attractive people of Reddit, when did you realize you were good looking?

Attractive people of Reddit, when did you realize you were good looking?

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  1. When I went to Japan. Holy fuck, some of those women fetishize the shit out of us Nordic guys. Not that I’m one to complain, though. The downside is that some Japanese women expect us to be straight out of some romantic Hugh Grant-movie. I dated a girl who would just keep complaining that I wasn’t romantic enough, even though I got her flowers and tried to do romantic gestures every now and again. It’s not like Japanese men go for that shit either, but I guess she was hoping I’d be different. I wasn’t really.

  2. As a child you get a lot of gifts. Your aunties tell you. Usually cute kids are only cute when they’re kids tho haha. We can name a few celebs. Jk 😁

  3. When I was purposely put in the front teller window because the men who’d come to the counter would open accounts more frequently with me.

  4. Not sure if this means attractive or not, but I’ve been complimented multiple times at the gym for looking healthy/fit. Like, a random bodybuilder tapped me on the shoulder after I was doing military presses and said, “You look healthy; keep it up mate.”

    Note: I’m not strong or anything like that. I just lift weights because I want to stay in shape. So hearing that made me feel good.

  5. The best way to know you are attractive is to gain weight and see how quickly people are no longer interested in you.

    Talk about motivation for dieting.

  6. I’ve mostly known my whole life because I’ve been told pretty regularly. Everyone in my family is good looking too. Just in the last year I’ve been told I resemble 2 different generically pretty actresses.

    I went through several years of having absolutely terrible skin, so I wasn’t good looking as a teenager, but I’ve been good looking ever since. IDK there was never an epiphany moment?

  7. I wouldn’t call myself good looking per se, but after I lost about 30 pounds (from somewhat overweight to healthy), I started getting regular compliments about my clothing.

  8. I don’t get compliments often but sometimes people kinda check me out or maybe it’s my wishful thinking. My friends used to say, how can a guy like me is not in a relationship. IDK I’d still say I’m kinda average.

  9. I used to have my head shaved (I’m a woman) and I eventually grew it out and people started talking to me on the street, waiters were nicer to me, from time to time I get free (non-alcohol) drinks from bartenders. People turn to stare as I walk down the street if I’m wearing something nice.

    Also, I own a mirror. 😛 So I guess I realized about… age 20?

  10. I’ve never felt super attractive but there were signs.

    In my dorms someone said I looked “presidential” and used to mock the way I walked.

    I wear big coke-bottle glasses but when I take them off I always wind up getting attention.

    When I was walking to the bars from my dorm women stopped me so they could hug me and touch my arms.

    Almost every girlfriend I’ve had pursued me. I used to put my picture online as a teenager and got a lot of attention.

    Women around me speak in euphemisms when talking about me. My general presumption is whenever they mention my stature they’re interested in me. Most women who describe me as “tall” really mean that I’m attractive. One girl asked me if I had any brothers that looked like me that she could date (what the fuck?)

    Anyways I know vanity isn’t a good look on me- I’ve always considered myself “normal looking” but have gotten weird treatment from men and women alike around specific circumstances. I’m not a knock-out but I submitted my picture to a “rating” website and got 9+ which men are not supposed to do.

  11. I’d guess I’m say I’m slightly above average looking as I do get hit on or complimented by older women more often than most men receive compliments I guess. I’ve had my handful of girls when I was at school or started at a new job say I’m cute , handsome etc… but less than half of them I thought were attractive so I guess it don’t really register to me as such. I do get compliments regularly on how I dress and match my outfits and I wear cologne pretty regularly , I used to get my haircut and facial hair lined up weekly so that’s pretty attractive to most women no matter how you look I’d say. However when it comes to pics and social media I never really get that much attention or compliments especially with my face in it so yeah

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