Australians of reddit: What is it like to see every form of media portraying Christmas as being a winter thing?

Australians of reddit: What is it like to see every form of media portraying Christmas as being a winter thing?

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  1. No worries mate. Chrissie down unda is a rippa! No jumper needed, just thongs, boardies and a singlet and bobs your uncle. A nice barbie and some stubbies in the eski and she’ll be right. Fuckin oath.

  2. I dunno, we’re so americanised here a lot of Christmas decorations still focus on snow and winter. We still sing Frosty the Snowman and Santa is still rugged up in his red and white fur trimmed clothes.

    Then the day comes around and it’s hot and it’s fine. We get to have big carol events outdoors on warm balmy nights, drink cold beverages by the pool or at the beach.

    One year here in Adelaide, our Christmas pageant was held on a scorching summer day and the Father Christmas passed out from heat stroke just before the end of the parade because he was wearing the fur suit, beard and hat in full sunlight on the top of a fake sleigh.

    We have our own Aussie carols too btw if you haven’t heard them – Six White Boomers, Carol of the Birds (Orana to Christmas Day) and Merry Merry Little Christmas (bells ring out, children shout, meeerry merry Christmas) are a few if you’re interested.

  3. I’ve had one Christmas in England and it was a nice change. The snow was fun.

    But to be perfectly honest, the best weather is where you can just wear t-shirt, shorts and flip flops,and I’ll sacrifice snow at Christmas for that any day.

  4. My daughter asked if it was going to snow on Christmas day. The children always want to know why there is snow with Santa. And of course how does Santa get inside the house because we don’t have chimneys. That’s actually a point of Australian TV show called bluey where they call the Christmas episode veranda Santa because Santa has to come in through the veranda.

  5. I get really jealous. Having a snowy cold Christmas looks so comforting. Oh and the a fireplace in your house too i see on American media, looks cosy. Maybe I just don’t like the sun haha

  6. As an adult, snow is fun for a few minutes when you look outside and go “ohh pretty!”. Then you have to drive in the stuff and deal with the cold and all the other inconveniences. I don’t live in Australia but I do live in Florida and Christmas is no different even if it is warm and Sunny outside. We put some fake snow around outside and turn the A/C down a bit 🙂

  7. I’m from US and live in Australia currently. Christmas here is seriously great. People generally make a big thing of Christmas lunch where people usually meet with extended family to eat seafood, a verity of meats and salads, trifle and Christmas cake. And drink heaps of beer and wine lol.

    And as Christmas holidays coincide with summer that’s when people take the most time off, serious party vibe… days around Christmas you can have BBQ outside, go and party, go to the beach…

    So I guess to answer your question lol Aussies don’t mind winter songs and stuff because they’re too distracted by all the fun they’re having!

    (I guess the only time Christmas is not fun is when there are bushfires though…)

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