Can you name a single reason why healthcare shouldn’t be free? If so, what is that reason?

Can you name a single reason why healthcare shouldn’t be free? If so, what is that reason?

What do you think?

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  1. Cue the ‘nOtHiNg Is FrEe’ people.

    We’re well aware that taxes pay for healthcare, but it pays for itself *and* it saves the tax payers far more.

    It’s cheaper than a for-profit system with insurance companies, better for those in poverty so helps with social equality so in turn also supports a healthy ecobomy, also it saves the tax payers in that you have a healthy workforce and addresses health issues before they become a greater problem.

  2. First comment is “Cue the ‘nOtHiNg Is FrEe’ people.” Second comment is “Nothing is free”. I find that incredibly amusing for some reason.

    No American has any ground to stand on when arguing against tax-funded (aka “free”) healthcare. America is the only developed nation that still has a for-profit healthcare system. We have the most expensive healthcare system in the world by multiple orders of magnitude and are only at the 49th percentile in terms of quality. At this point there are even a couple developing nations that have better healthcare than the US despite the fact that even with health insurance it’s not uncommon for an American to end up with 5 digits worth of medical debt.

    Clearly our for-profit system DOES NOT WORK. Literally ANYTHING is better than what we’ve got now and the rest of the world proves it.

  3. As a Canadian, free healthcare is an illusion. We pay for it through insurance and taxes so you don’t have to pay for the specific appointment at the time that it happens, but it’s still paid for outside of that.

    Which I sorta think is the way to go anyways

  4. “Free” healthcare would have to be administered by the government.

    The government is inefficient and corrupt.

    Government is *why* healthcare in America is as expensive as it already is.

  5. When healthcare is free at the point of consumption it incentivizes an overconsumption of care that result in shortages of care. This is a big reason why countries without cost sharing like Canada and the UK have much longer wait times for care than other countries.

    While having no cost care is great for access in one sense, it also constrains access in another. This is why most countries have some amount of patient cost sharing for healthcare services.

  6. Let’s change free to universal.

    The one drawback is demand overwhelms supply and there are long wait times for treatment.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am all for universal health care, but it would require a top to bottom rework of the entire system. The government would have to take over every aspect of it and police it to prevent fraud.

  7. Not shouldn’t. Can’t. Who’s gonna do the job for free? Unless the entire medical system including suppliers of anything medical are run by volunteers.

  8. Yes

    Free market competition is a system that loosely fits survival of the fittest. Id rather have the best care possible…it gives doctors more money and creates incentive to be the best doctor for the situation.

  9. Even in countries where we have “free healthcare” it’s not free. It’s paid for with taxes.

    So my single reason is – someone’s got to pay for it.

  10. People abuse it. Our local hospital had problems where seniors were using ambulances as a taxi service.

    It will make liability / malpractice tougher to inforce.

    Expect public / private combos to be the most succesful. The poorest are taken care of, and rich folks / people will insurance can do something nicer.

  11. Healthcare shouldn’t be free because what about the little mom and pop insurance stores? It’s our duty as Americans to support insurance workers, who are the backbone of this country.

  12. Quite simply, there is no reason at all why everyone shouldn’t receive free health care

    I live in the UK and pay less in taxes than the average monthly US health insurance costs. When I am ill, I don’t have extras that can amount to thousands of dollars because the insurance doesn’t cover it. Even if I wasn’t paying taxes all healthcare is free.

    Over the last few days I have seen multiple Dr’s and other medical professionals and come home loaded to the gunwales with medications and it was all free and I won’t be billed.

  13. I believe the main problem in the US isn’t necessarily that people need to pay for their healthcare, but that they are charged a disproportionate amount for their healthcare. Medicine costs way more too buy in the US than elsewhere, and people are billed way higher than the actual costs for hospital stays. It’s all corporate greed that makes it like that

  14. Because healthcare system is making the rich richer. That’s what the US has been built to do. That is the way you are chosing to live in USA. And believing that there is any other main reason is just foolish.

  15. It should be free for the citizens of said country who pay their taxes and contribute to the free healthcare being possible. So anyone who isn’t a citizen of said country and anyone who isn’t paying their taxes in my opinion should not be entitled to receiving free healthcare.So the reason is you don’t get to enjoy something you don’t contribute to.

  16. People who injure themselves doing dumb shit they know they shouldn’t have done or could have avoided. Those people should pay lol. Like the idiots who hold fireworks and give themselves burns.

  17. There are three major problems with universal healthcare in the US.

    First, America is world cop. For better or worse. That costs a lot of money. So, the money that might otherwise go to universal healthcare has instead been invested in military spending. Should it be that way? It can be argued either way. But the fact remains that’s the way it is. Changing that will necessarily mean violating treaties that other countries count on for their security. There’s an entire separate debate that goes in with that. But my point is that America adopting some sort of universal healthcare system would cause havoc across the world.

    Second, America doesn’t have the same mentality or tradition of the European countries which successfully operate universal healthcare. That kind of thinking is just foreign to us. Again, I’m not saying that’s a good thing. But still, this kind of organization and psychology is just not part of America’s history.

    Third, and this could just be me being a cynical asshole, the American government can’t even deliver the gd mail on time. So, why should we trust them with our healthcare?

    There are other things working against universal healthcare in America but those are the biggies.

    Disclaimer That Nobody Will Read: There’s a lot to be said for universal healthcare. I am by no means a critic of it. I simply recognize certain logistical and practical realities that tend to work against America creating a healthcare system. Now you can downvote me even tho I agree with you.

  18. Because free mean state funded and I don’t trust the government at all. I have no reason to, they do horrible things and lie about it until they get caught usually 70 years later, and maybe apologize but nothing happens. They are already firmly in bed with big pharma and insurance? Why would the same crooked bastards fucking me to death for money right now, suddenly treat me better because I gave them more control?

  19. It’s not really free, since it’ll be paid for with monumental tax increases to the same government that’s created a national debt of more than $20T.

  20. I’m a big supporter of universal healthcare, but calling it “free” is just plain wrong.

    You help others pay, and they help you. It’s a very good system, just not a free one.

  21. WRT to ‘wait times’, Average wait times are NOT the metric to be using, and are not a defense of a non-universal healthcare system. Arguably, longer wait times are a better system.

    Because Canada doesn’t just have wait times. They triage people, and different people have different wait times. High needs people get immediate care. Those with less urgent problems have to wait. Seems reasonable to me, means we’re not putting money to treat stuff urgently that’s actually not urgent.

    e.g.A friend of the family just got diagnosed with aggressive cancer. Their full investigation/treatment started immediately. No wait time, no delays for CRT or machines or diagnostics – the system got to work on them the same day.

    Average wait times is just not an arguement against universal health care.

    As for taxes? Yeah, in Ontario Canada, we don’t pay directly from our taxes either. Mid to large employers (I think 50+ employees) get taxed for healthcare. Not individuals, and not small businesses either. Frankly this is the most genius tax ever.

  22. It should be free at time of care. That said, it should be handled as a societal expense covered by taxation. I say this as someone who works in healthcare IT. It’s incredibly expensive to provide safe and effective care and comply with all regulations.

  23. It would put health insurance companies out of business and CEOs would lose their multimillion dollar bonuses, and they wouldn’t be able to buy fleets of yachts.

    Good reasons.

  24. To those against free healthcare, can we all just agree that it should at least be affordable? A trip to the hospital on an ambulance shouldn’t cost $2000 and insulin, something that millions of Americans need to live shouldn’t cost more than $1000 a month just to live.

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