Canada will allow Americans to cross the border for abortions. How do you feel about that?

Canada will allow Americans to cross the border for abortions. How do you feel about that?

What do you think?

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  1. I’m surprised we don’t let people cross the border for more things. There’s few countries more similar to each other than Canada and America. I’m all for opening up the border as much as possible.

  2. They’re good neighbors. But they won’t allow you into their country it you’ve been found guilty of a DUI so keep that in mind people.

  3. I think it’s stupid that it takes another country to do something that should be available in this country. That being said Canada just better.

  4. Ok. So will most states. And most people won’t experience any significant restrictions on their ability to get an abortion, so it’s kind of moot.

  5. Honestly they’re refugees at this point. Victims of a conservative Christian theocracy. We should welcome anyone looking to get out of that backsliding nation.

  6. It feels like I’m in a realistic 4D episode of the handmaid’s tale. Better yet, a handmaid’s tale themed escape room the size of north america. All jokes aside, I’m thankful for Canada.

  7. I’m not surprised, though it isn’t easy to get into Canada. You need a passport and if you have pretty much any criminal record they won’t let you in.

    Mexico’s abortion laws are apparently a mess with them legal federally but with a lot of state level restrictions. I could see Native Americans setting up clinics. The Cherokee Nation could set up a centralized one in say Murphy, NC next to their casino. That said, personally I’d only pay in cash as I wouldn’t want that recorded on my credit card.

    I could also see clinics set up in the Caribbean to cover the US Southeast.

  8. Terrible idea.

    Because our health care system isn’t already under strain. Yet if I choose to cross it the other direction for diagnostic tests or procedures with years of wait times here they won’t even cover what it would have cost here.

    What’s next? If an American can’t afford something they can queue up here? Or does it only apply to this issue so Trudeau can virtue signal some more?

  9. still going to need a passport and it’s funny as hell watching the other commenters ignore that little fact

    another fun fact for ya’ll – costs well over 125 bucks to get a us passport and the waiting time is currently 8-11 weeks. of course, you can get that rush service but it’s going to cost closer to two hundred bucks and weren’t we all oh-so-worried about the poors and abortions?

    and, no, canada ain’t gonna waive that passport requirement for ‘refugees from a theocratic state’

    oh gosh – and i just remembered – demanding id is RAAAAACIST!!!!

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