Christians of Reddit, what questions do you have for non-believers?

Christians of Reddit, what questions do you have for non-believers?

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  1. What words can you give to Christians who try their hardest to not fall into the same pitfalls you see them fall into regarding hate and greed, have strong reasons for believing, but feel frustrated with how Christians and Christianity are lampooned by many non-believers?

  2. None. Hi. The only reason I retain the tradition I was born with is that the continual creation of new religions where “we totally won’t oppress the poor this time we promise!!!” seem to fail so I’m just gonna default back to the one I was raised with and continuously verbally abuse anyone who claims to be following it but that isn’t wholly supporting the poor and underpriviledged.

    Let’s be honest, Jesus LOVED hookers, and if it were the modern day? Jesus would surround himself with transgirls. Transgirls are the new Mary Magdelene, and everybody damn well knows it. (But hey, sex workers ain’t out either). Follow in the footsteps of Jesus and SURROUND YOURSELF with hookers and transgirls. Any less and you are not fully engaging with the good word. God bless.

  3. Raised a Christian, developed atheist, settled on agnosticism.

    People who have strong beliefs one way of the other, without any proof, why?

    There is nothing to prove God exists, nor is there proof that he/she/it doesn’t exist.

    I accept that the belief in God is exactly that, a *belief*, a blind faith.

    But to atheists, do you have blind faith as well?

  4. if there was no god you wouldnt have these moments where when you are about to lose hope god just gives you more hopes by doing something like why dont you believe if you have these moments

    ^(i have absolutely no idea about non believers lives and if they are similar to believers lives so im not sure if thats the thing but you can always believe and get this stuff or im just… special somehow idk i want pov of other people to see stuff)

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