Concerning: Andrew Tate is soaring in popularity rn among males under 35. Are there no HEALTHY rolemodels anymore or what is going on with men in today’s society?

Concerning: Andrew Tate is soaring in popularity rn among males under 35. Are there no HEALTHY rolemodels anymore or what is going on with men in today’s society?

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  1. Andrew Tate isn’t a real role model for any man with braincells.

    His entire fanbase is basically 13-17 year old boys who were raised with incel culture and are trying to be edgy by rallying behind a piece of human trash.

    That and his entire business model actually makes him seem like hes a lot more popular than he is.

    People are being paid to push his videos via his “educational” program. It’s an MLM, basically you pay him to join, then he pays you to get others to pay him to join, then you all get paid to post and push his content.

  2. I’m in that age group and wouldn’t know who this tosser is without the questions about him here on AskReddit. I looked him up and he is a piece of shit I wish nothing good upon.

  3. Tate is famous for all the wrong reasons. No one in their right minds will consider him a role model. There are good role models out there who do good, it’s just the media doesn’t care to notice.

  4. Andrew Taint: “Women shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

    Hasan: “Studies from insurance companies show they are better drivers and that’s why men have higher costs.”

    Andrew Taint: “Studies don’t matter. I’m telling you what I’ve seen and that trumps any study. I bet you believe in Covid to.”

  5. Nobody gives a fuck about men’s problems which creates a massive vacuum that people like Tate and Peterson gladly occupy.

    If you want men to not follow these people, take their problems seriously and give them emotional support.

  6. Just dudes who can’t get laid.

    Ironically in todays society the ones who cant get any end up self titling themselves “alpha” and then whine about women all day.

  7. Men are pretty screwed at the moment. Most of them aren’t keeping up with feminism and the dating market is widening. It’s less of an issue with any one man and more an issue with incels.

  8. When you’re a frustrated young man trying and failing in social relationships especially with the opposite sex; you run online looking for answers and fall into echo chambers blaming everyone but yourself. While i do think there is some truth to what he says at times, the women he refers to are only these groupie social media influencer chicks, but cast that shadow on regular everyday women also. As you get older and are making honest strives to improve yourself, you slowly move aeay from the redpill community. It really is just a phase for most.

  9. Frustrated incels who are essentially a creation of modern feminism and the way society treats men today. Andrew Tate might be an asshole for rational people but it’s a hero for them.

  10. Im in that age group and yh his popularity does seem to be increasing online. But he’s certainly not a role model for every guy under 35. I think his popularity seems more prominent on the Internet because in general like real life I’ve literally never heard anyone mention him. It’s really only online like YouTube and Instagram I’ve seen him being mentioned.

  11. Any sane person that has recently come out of high school will tell you that a large portion of their classmates were at one point or another incredibly edgy and found idolising toxic content creators and other public figures (or dictators) to be funny. The recent surge in “popularity” if you can even call it that, I would bet, is content being made to make fun of him or otherwise satirically parody him. A very small percentage of his followers actually like him.

  12. He gets asked about in r/askmen probably every day lately.

    What’s funny is that no one ever elaborates on what he says, and I’ve never bothered looking it up. I assume he’s telling teenage boys to be dicks to women or something like that.

    Truth be told, the boys that hear that and take it to heart probably would have heard it from someone else if this guy didn’t exist.

  13. Literally found out who he is the other week cuz i girl i’m friends with said it’s good i don’t know him, theres are like 1 or 2 things he;s said that i kinda agree with, but overall just seems like a cringe incel

  14. There are plenty of healthy role models for men. Ryan Reynolds, Dave Grohl, Keanu Reeves, Jon Boyega, Dwayne Johnson, Dan Levy… and many more showing what the opposite of toxic masculinity can look like.

    Males can also have role models that don’t look like them. Pretty sure we can all accept that Dolly Parton is a good role model for anyone.

    When The Force Awakens came out, loads of people decried that there were “no characters for white men to look up to anymore”. And I was like, why can’t you look up to Rey or Finn?

  15. Tate makes sense most of the times and most of the time he doesn’t. Like, bringing back masculinity or the depression thing makes sense but when he talks about women its mostly bullshit. But, people don’t realise this he is at the stage where he can get what he wants, he has money, cars and is attractive so if a women agrees to be with that, like fair play.

  16. Some one being popular means they are entertaining. That’s not the same thing as a role model. Some times it’s fun to watch cars explode. Do I want to be in an exploding car. Most days no.

  17. (most) Rolemodels in the fitness industry might not be healthy no but they motivate people to start their journey and become their best self.

    Usually the ones who take steroids or anything do not promote them so that’s also good of them!

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