Conservative veterans, how do you feel about continuing to vote for republicans after their rejection of the burn pit legislation?

Conservative veterans, how do you feel about continuing to vote for republicans after their rejection of the burn pit legislation?

What do you think?

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  1. I hate to say this, but….I mean if you STILL vote Republican after the burn pits blockage (and their gross fucking fist bump about that exact bill) AND the fact that:

    ALL REPUBLICANS SAID NO to STOPPING gas companies from price-gouging…..

    Then I’m not so sure I even want an answer from anyone like this. They aren’t intelligent enough for me to care about what nonsense they’ll say when I could just tune into whatever moronic Republican senator to hear, straight from the source, what their supporters think.


  2. I’m a veteran, and I’d consider myself a conservative on many issues. However, I’ve voted Democrat for the past 20 years. Honestly their platform has been more in line with conservative principles than Republicans have.

    Limiting endless wars, a robust history of national defense, balancing federal budgets, limiting inflation, general hands off approach to non life threatening industries, thoughtful approach to regulating life threatening industries, sound trade deals, preservation of what we have (economically, environmentally, technologically, socially) for future generations to appreciate, putting the pursuit of happiness into individuals hands. Democrats have been more in like with Eisenhower conservatism than any Republican since Ike himself (I’m very happy to elaborate to anyone who would rather reply than simply downvote based on this list).

    So I can’t speak to how I can live with voting Republican after this, because I didn’t vote for them to begin with. I’ll say this about this legislation failing: it rings to me the same as how these transitory, self adulating blowhards (on both sides) approach any expenditures. They will pay the upfront cost, but fail to factor in the life-cycle “maintenance” plan. The next person is left trying to kludge a solution together just to keep things going. It’s not just people, it’s machinery, its software, it’s budgets, it’s widgets, it’s debt payments.

    They will proudly vote to go to war or buy new Litoral Combat Ships, but if you say “the healthcare/maintenance will cost hundreds of millions of dollars in 20-40 years”. They will say “that’s a problem for 20-40 years from now”, and won’t budget a dime for it. New people will be in those positions later, and they’ll want to prove they won’t waste taxpayer dollars by shooting the necessary funding down. And then the initial purchase money is gone, the viability is gone, and the future utility is just like a fart in the wind, gone.

    Any good conservative would reflect and then ask themselves, is this really the path I want to continue down? Is it worth starting wars without commiting to continuing healthcare of those involved? If the answer is yes, fine. If the answer is no, there’s dignity in admitting they were once wrong and have had a change of heart. But thats “political suicide”, so fuck it all I guess.

  3. I have been a conservative republican the majority of my life. The thing is what ever you want to label these people who pretend to be republicans they are not. Trumpist love to throw around the word RINO. Thing is they are all RINO’s to me. I thought for a long time I would have to swap to being a libertarian but truth is my stance didn’t change they did. They have no honor and no integrity. I honestly just spent the last hour reading through the PACT bill because I got in an argument with my old room mate who believed there was bullshit piggy backed on it. There wasn’t. I spent way to much time reading about what the secretary’s roll was and didn’t find anything abnormal. answer your question as a Texan too. Cruz will never get my vote.

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