Democrats: what is the most Republican opinion you hold? Republicans what is the most be Democratic opinion you hold?

Democrats: what is the most Republican opinion you hold? Republicans what is the most be Democratic opinion you hold?

What do you think?

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  1. I’m neither Democrat nor Republican. I was a registered Republican until 1992, but have been independent ever since.

    So as a former Republican? My most Democratic opinion I hold is that FDR might have been the greatest President in the 20th Century and is probably up there with Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln.

    On the other side of things, I think that the “party of family values” shit that the GOP was shoveling in the 90s and 2000s would be great…if they walked the walk. I think we need moral leaders. Not necessarily religious ones (Carter was the most “Christian” President we’ve ever had), but if a candidate for national office is found to be…I dunno…cheating on his first wife with his second wife, or his second wife with his third, or his third wife with a porn star?

    Sorry, that’s it. You’re not in the GOP. Polls say you can win your House seat/Senate seat/Presidency? Nope. Your cheating ass can’t represent us.

    Finally – and this applies to both – your religion is irrelevant. Irrespective of party, I’d rather have an atheist who is a decent person in office rather than a dyed in the wool Christian (or Muslim, or Buddhist, or Jew) who is a piece of shit. You could worship a ham sandwich, but if you’re a decent, upstanding person you’ll get my vote over an asshole who shows up to church every Sunday.

  2. I definitely agree with a lot of the Dems environmental concerns and ideas. This planet is our home, we got to take care of it. Watching/reading about how we’ve affected this planet bothers me man. I think the whole world needs to go back to alot more natural ways of living.

  3. I don’t like abortion. I wish it weren’t a thing. I would probably never suggest it to anyone who asks me. But I think the best way to lower the abortion rate as low as it can go is comprehensive sex education and making condoms and other birth control freely available as possible

  4. As someone who is mostly left-leaning. I 110% support the death penalty. Too many sick fucking monsters getting free rent and meals for raping and murdering children (as 1 example). Of course, I also believe the evidence against them would have to be overwhelming.

  5. The most conservative opinion I have is that unpolitical churches shouldn’t pay taxes. Mega churches and churches with full tilt political sermons should pay taxes though.

  6. I don’t believe banning guns will accomplish much in the US, too many guns already in the wild. I also think being able to concealed carry makes me safer. I don’t want to have to try to physically fight a man if the situation ever comes up.

  7. Republican. All drugs should be legalized and taxed. If some jackass down the street wants to inject god knows what into his veins because it gives his brain the happy chemicals, whatever. Punish him if he does something illegal while under the influence of said substance, but not for taking the substance itself.

  8. I believe in owning guns and knowing how to use them.

    But I’m also not a democrat. I’m a leftist. And you know what they say..

    You go far enough left, and the guns come back

  9. i voted dem every election since ’08 but i no longer align because they’re straight up republicans now.

    i think gun control is severely flawed and too far gone in america to be of any use. we need mental health care. we need *health* care. it’s the only answer.

  10. It’s hard to find many good ideas on the right (though Republican have sponsored some good legislation in the past). Republican used to talk about “enterprise zones,” which I found an intriguing idea, and I support some limited use of taffifs to support policy goals. I also support free speech and debate, which is supported by some Republicans (though nowadays they are more about passing anti “CRT” speech codes).

    It’s concerning, since the US needs a strong Republican party, and the GOP seem to slip further away into paranoia and fantasy every day.

  11. I’m tired of both sides of the fence clinging to the most extreme sides of each issue they have to address for the sake of being re-elected, rather than compromising & coming together to serve the public like they are supposed to.

  12. Democrat who believes we need to seal the southern border and fortify it with the military. Climate change is real and accelerating. Inevitably, climate refugees from Central and South America will be moving north in the millions. I think we are morally obligated to help those refugees and we can’t do that if we’re overwhelmed. To help them, we first need to help ourselves.

  13. I’m solidly left-liberal, but the more I’ve looked into the topic, the more I’ve had to admit that most of the left’s gun control arguments are bad.

    For one, when the government tries to ban something that people really want, the opposite result tends to happen. See: Prohibition, the War On Drugs, and homosexuality.

    For two, it turns out that a lot of the regulations people say we need, we already have.

    For three, guns do not cause school shootings. They may facilitate a higher body count, but I place a lot more responsibility on TV news giving shooters the unspoken message, ‘Get the high score and we’ll make you and your manifesto famous.’

    For four, if the criminals already have guns, taking them away from law-abiding people is a situation that can only cause more death. Mutually-assured destruction is a horrifying, awful idea that unfortunately actually works.

  14. Democrat here. I hate being on high tax bracket and I wanna pay less. I spent A LOT on education and sacrificed a lot to get to where I am. Why am I taxed more than people who didn’t work as hard or spend as much? And why the fuck do I pay more because I am single and have no kids?

  15. I’m liberal, but some people are just lazy. No matter how much socialism you throw at them, they will not try in school and end up in jail when they had the opportunities to succeed if they wanted to. I don’t see why my tax dollars should go into paying for their welfare checks when they “chose” to be poor.

  16. Democrat here.

    For the love of all that is good and right in the world, profile at the airport. 98.78 percent of us just want to get on the plane and suffer through the flight to our destination.

  17. Anything outside of believing in limited government, central government, and the constitution is just BS. You think Pelosi or Biden goes home and complains about how wrong it is that we arent doing more for the environment or the injustices towards the black community.

  18. Both parties are fucking lame. Stop picking sides you weirdos. These politicians dont give a shit about you and if you really think they do, you’re nuts. They’re money hungry greedy little fucks. Do something more valuable with your time. Anything. You could get a better outcome from trying to teach a deaf man brail.

  19. I don’t think public assistance should be available to anyone especially for a long period of time. There should be a time limit for those capable of working.

  20. UHC would work, but on a state level. Lol “Canada has it why can’t we” we’re 10x the population size and so spread out the diversity is nuts. We have subcultures of subcultures all over. It would 100% work on a state level.

  21. I don’t associate with any political party. I like guns, but I also want reform to make them harder to purchase. I want easier and cheaper access to health care, but I understand that it leads to higher taxes. I want to take a bunch of funding away from law enforcement but I also know that police serve a vital role in our society.

    Life isn’t black and white. There is a lot of grey area. Maybe someday everybody else will realize this and we can all work together for a better future.

    Fucking doubt it, though.

  22. A not democrat here, because that’s just called being moderate literally anywhere else in the civilized world.

    But, I think you should have a right to firearms. Given you can pass a background check, don’t have any psychological red flags, can pass a proficiency test, and be put on a wait-list to receive both the firearm and required licensing.

    Y’know, like you need to do with a car. And a driver’s license. And insurance. And registration.

    Frankly the nature of the firearm (automatic, assault weapons, high capacity magazines) to me means nothing. Seems irrelevant given that if our government wanted you dead they could level your house from above the cloud altitude.

    I also think that 100% of the weapon’s value, on top of dealer markup, should be added to the price and be paid into taxes. No permit until the taxes have been received and you’re issued a receipt by the IRS. No more gun show buys or auctions, antique firearms or otherwise.

    Far as I’m concerned, if you want a machine designed to kill people badly enough, you’d pay anything for it. I don’t want to take your guns away. I want you to make the world whole for the destruction and death you’re endorsing.

    Put that money towards building schools we have to demolish because nobody can bear to go back inside of them. Put it towards state contracted psychologists to rehabilitate the elementary school children who watched their friends get blown away.

    Maybe you could put it towards teachers who only make $35k a year, just to be scrutinized for not wanting to shoot back at the kid you gave your gun safe combination to.

  23. Republicans claim ownership of too many beliefs for the question to be legitimate, with many positions held for power regardless of belief or reality.

    example: Fiscal Conservatism is just Keynes on a credit card, with worse results.

    i reject the conceit. It”s as legitimate as the Roberts Supreme Court.

  24. I’m a pretty liberal person, but I am a gun owner. However, I do feel like it wouldn’t be a bad thing if they were harder to get and had more liability attached. I have to get insurance for my car, why not my gun?

    Not republican, but I do support the libertarian idea of open borders as well, I never would have thought that I’d agree with anything coming out of the mouth of a Cato Institute Scholar, but Bryan Caplan has had some persuasive points.

  25. Kinda an oldie but I feel we should pay more attention to the moral and practical arguments in favor of the Vietnam War.

    I don’t want to say I would have been completely in favor of it but in my opinion the more nuanced history has been overridden by the Hollywood version treating as an act of madness where us soldiers trample around committing wantonly commiting war crimes and burning the locals stuff for no discernable reason.

    I’m sure stuff like that happened; but it’s usually shown in Hollywood as the rule and not the exception.

  26. I’m kinda in the middle, leaning right though, so I guess I’ll answer as a republican. I think the free market needs better regulation to protect the interests of the people. People should not be homeless because housing prices have been artificially raised due to an influx of wealthy people. Companies that have a significant advantage over small businesses should not be allowed to undercut market value on merchandise to drive out competition since that is how monopolies form. (Like Amazon not really having any significant competition).

  27. As a Republican my most Democrat opinion is I would support legalizing s*x work. No reason the government should be involved with a consensual agreement between adults.

  28. Registered D. The tax man can go suck a big, fat, hairy, unwashed, monkeypox-riddled D.

    We spend more than a trillion dollars on welfare every year. A trillion dollars spread across 60 million people, many of them children. If this money was spent properly, there wouldn’t be poor people.

    Shitty welfare and shitty wars. Two things I don’t want to be funding.

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