depressed people of reddit, what small / stupid thing is keeping you alive?

depressed people of reddit, what small / stupid thing is keeping you alive?

What do you think?


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  1. It’s not small or stupid. My life is great and I have it way better than most people. I have every reason to be happy. Just can’t shake that chemical imbalance.

  2. keep in mind that this is coming from an 18 yr old white(ish) girl who wanted to drop outta high school but instead finished (barely) but isn’t going to college … this is what i do wit my life now lmfao:

    what keeps me alive is watching korean shows &’ movies on netflix . i’ve only been watching them for like half a year but they keep me sane most of the time . i started learning some korean &’ i can say a few things . i kno about as much korean as the average white dude knows spanish , but i’m getting there lol . when everything else is shit &’ i jus wanna crawl into a hole &’ perish , i jus continue the show i’m on or a start watching a whole new k-drama that looks interesting . i jus finished one called “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay” &’ i absolutely loved it , i cried like 5 times during the last episode . now i’m watching “Run On” . i got tired of american shows &’ movies cuz they’re basically all the same now . the korean way of life if jus so interesting &’ the way they speak is truly fascinating

  3. I don’t have one small thing, I have many small to medium sized things that make a bigger thing that would all come crashing down without me. And the thought that I can be better than I was yesterday, doesn’t matter how much or in what, just enough to change one bad thing to good or slightly better than it was formerly.

  4. My cats. Stopped self harming a few years ago because my one cat came right up to me and put her head on my leg and tried to lick the blood. My other cat means the world to me as well and can sense when I’m sick or down more than usual and is super attentive. Doesn’t stop him from trying to run away and giving me a panic attack when I take him for a walk tho.

  5. I have a lot more kind people in my life currently but I also think it’s because I am more willing to let the toxic and unkind people go/keep them at a distance

  6. dog died friday. suddenly. *stupid depressed*. every time there’s quiet or darkness or i just move rooms i think about that stupid dog.

    i’m not usually depressed. but i’ve been depressed a lot in my life. stuff was good for awhile. dog dying hit me like a brick.

  7. not small or stupid, my dog. my dad got him for me when i was doing really poorly, my eating disorder almost killed me. but whenever i look at him, no matter how bad/loud it is in my brain, i tell myself that he relies on me, he would be so confused if i just left one day and never came back, he wouldn’t know where i went or why, etc. he’s literally the reason i’m still on this earth lol. close friends and family call him my anchor because he’s keeping me here, i just call him my reason

  8. My dogs. I know they would be adopted and well taken care of by my family but I cannot stand the thought of them being separated from each other, if I were to unalive myself my brother would likely take one and my mom would likely take the other separating them. I can’t do that to them they love each other so much.

  9. My bills. A lot of friends and family rely on me for their phone bills. I got a hella deal and many are financially unstable. Gives me a reason to feel needed.

  10. Nothing small or stupid because I’m too depressed to care.

    My main reason for staying alive is knowing how much my partner loved me. She was killed in January and I’m massively depressed but as much as I’d love to join her, I know she’d want me to keep going the best I could.

  11. Antidepressants. And my mom. Losing one of her two only kids…especially to suicide… and especially after she lost both her dog and her husband (my father) within the last 9 months. ..would be way too much for her. I’m hurting pretty bad, but not enough to do that to her.

  12. My dogs. I believe my purpose in life is to continue rescuing pitbulls (have had 4 so far) and raise them to be the best representatives to show what an amazing breed they are. I believe that’s why I can’t have kids (infertility). After my boys passed I rescued my girls now when my girls are gone, I will go and rescue more.

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