Do people die instantly from severe wounds — especially to organs that are not the brain — as seen on popular movies and TV shows (Game of Thrones, Vikings, The Walking Dead, Dexter etc.) Or, is it dramatised for effect?

Do people die instantly from severe wounds — especially to organs that are not the brain — as seen on popular movies and TV shows (Game of Thrones, Vikings, The Walking Dead, Dexter etc.) Or, is it dramatised for effect?

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  1. generally no, unless its the heart, but even then, it can take few minutes to die.

    most severe wounds can take from barely minutes, to hours to die from, but the pain can, CAN, knock someone unconcsious before the death.

    in extreme cases, due to situation, a person may already be dead before they know it.

    this is BASIC generalized knowledge. someone in the medical field can be more accurate.

  2. It takes time.
    You can browse some gore subreddits where people are still living with massive wounds.

    Like one i saw where a guy was cut in half and he was still moving and even trying to make a phonecall.

  3. A double-lung+heart wound will drop pretty much anything very quickly, which is why hunters go for that type of wound. I’d assume it’s the same for a human as it would be for a deer. It’s not instant, but it is within a second or two. And certain major arteries can bleed out in tens of seconds.

    Anything else though? It’s gonna take time.

  4. It really depends. One can very readily die of shock when injured which is close to immediate.

    Edit: The flip side is my lung is legitimately *fucked* and I did survive the process, although I’m in a minority given the extent of the wound.

  5. this kinda reminds me of an interview i saw with a game designer who was asked why do they design dead victims to fall like stuntmen do in the movies. his answer was they had tested more realistic falls (a person shot in the head and killed looks like a puppet with its strings cut) and the reaction was extremely negative so they went back to ‘stuntman falls’

    same concept goes there. no, a person stabbed in the belly with a sword doesn’t immediately die. instead he screams and writhes and sobs, but people don’t want to see that – they aren’t entertained by folks in obvious anguish. better just to pretend a stab to the belly is fatal and move on.

  6. I saw a guy who had a one inch laceration on the left ventricle of their heart, restrained and fighting with EMS for 20 minutes before he went into cardiac arrest and died.

  7. The only way you die “instantly” is if you destroy your brain or heart. Even if you destroy your heart you’ll still probably have seconds before it’s all over. Death isn’t pretty. I would say from my opinion, 90% of deaths from trauma take minutes to hours. They ironically would be the longest, most painful minutes of your life. I’ve seen some gnarly things, unless it’s a brutal wound to the head or heart… you’re alive for awhile even though you are already dead.

  8. Unless whatever hit them knocked them out already there is alot of screaming and crying until they pass out

    You have probably never heard the sounds before, shrieks of total fear, they almost never put it in movies though because it is hard to replicate and audiences do not like it (seen as being overly dramatic/bad acting)

  9. Blood loss is probably the main cause. Internal bleeding. If you cut a major artery then you could die in about a minute or two. You lose consciousness then your brain dies to the lack of oxygen.

  10. It’s certainly possible for a major injury to drop someone almost instantly. But it’s hard to do that reliably. In the real world you can expect people to be squirming or flailing around for a while or maybe even survive what you would expect to be a mortal wound.

    For example if you get stabbed in the heart, there’s still a short amount of time that your brain has enough oxygen to keep functioning.

  11. Entertainment is always gonna be just that, but sometimes stuff tries to keep things rational lol but I’m not sure I’m one to say anything but usually injuries and deaths are over done. I’m sure there’s many science man explanations to explain such speedy deaths from such injuries lol

  12. You don’t die instantly if organs are severely damaged. Your brain still has oxygen. Severe heart damage would be fastest, then lungs, then everything else. Femoral artery a carotid artery would be faster than liver/kidney/intestines/etc. Only instant way to die would be an explosion that vaporizes the person.

  13. Unless you severe an artery which would be hard to do unless you have medical training, slit their neck or stab them deep directly into the heart it’s gonna take a minute.

    That’s why The Hound asks Arya to hit the heart in Game of Thrones.

  14. Its all dramatized. Sometimes a gun shot wound to the arm leads to extreme swelling,and sometimes a person actually can run for a while with a gun shot wound to the arm. Reality is all relative to minut details of circumstance.

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