do you believe in “right person, wrong time”? and why?

do you believe in “right person, wrong time”? and why?

What do you think?


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  1. I guess it depends on how many “right” people there can be. Just 1, absolutely not. If right means anyone who you are mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually compatible with, then absolutely.

  2. Certain people are right for you at different times in your life. It’s more like “right person, right time…for now”. People change and grow, especially when we are young. I’ve had relationships that were long and meaningful in the past that worked at that time. I can say with certainty though, that none of them were who I would want to be with today. They were perfect for then, but we changed and became less compatible.

  3. Absolutely. Some times things don’t line up but maybe in the future things can work out. There isn’t just one “right” person though. So don’t wait around for it to be the right time with that person, because there’s only a chance, no certainty.

  4. Yes.

    When I was in college I met a girl on the first day of a summer class. We hit it off great and happened to have two classes together with lunch sandwiched in between so it was the perfect opportunity to meet up in the first class, eat lunch together, and then go to the next class together. It was a language class and a culture class. Often our conversations had nothing to do with school and were mostly about movies, food, travel experiences, etc.

    I was maybe 21 or 22 at the time, graduation right around the corner. As the fall semester was getting closer I asked the girl what classes she was looking to take. Turns out she was 15 and still in high school. I couldn’t tell by looking at her and I had no reason to assume that someone in my *university* class wouldn’t yet be a university student.

    I graduated and moved away and eventually she went to college in other state anyway. Had we met (at least) a few years later we’d have been a great match.

  5. I’m glad you asked this because I’ve been thinking about someone I knew 30 yrs ago (yeah, I know that’s a hella long time ago) and how he was the right person. The timing wasn’t right, mainly because I was seeing his best friend. **Disclaimer: His best friend & I had been going out for a year, and marriage wasn’t on the table. I’m also pretty sure the guy I was seeing was seeing other people.** I tracked this guy down on FB and have been trying to figure out a way to let him know that back then he was so loved. I don’t want to mess up his family life and I don’t even want to see/speak to him so most likely I’ll just leave it alone. What’s messing me up is will I regret not letting him know? I don’t want to leave this world with regrets. Thnx for letting me share this.

  6. Sort of. I met a really wonderful girl that I met coming directly out of a turbulent long term relationship. Had I met her a few months or maybe a year later who can say how things might’ve turned out. But I was way too messed up to jump right into another serious relationship. In the end it all worked out because I’ve been happily in a relationship with my wife for over 20 years but every once in a while i wonder how things might have turned out if I met my wife first and her later?

  7. Yes because when I first met my husband I was in a very toxic relationship (trying to keep my ex from killing himself) and was in an on and off relationship with my abusive ex. We didn’t get together until 3 years later.

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