Do you believe in the 4 day work week? Why or why not?

Do you believe in the 4 day work week? Why or why not?

What do you think?

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  1. Yes worker burn out is real.

    So much work in offices is just created to fill time, make things more efficient, pay people the same, get the same amount done with happier workers.

  2. My company does a 32 hour work week with Fridays off in summer. I absolutely love it, but I’m not sure it would work for us during our busier months if only because other industries we work with *are* working Fridays and thus expect us to be too. But in summers we’re able to get all the work done we would otherwise in a 4 hour day. If it becomes standardized maybe we can go all year. Some day.

  3. Especially in admin. There’s a lot of downtime. I’m actually doing a Google sheet detailing the entire story of a mediocre webcomic because I have all my work done already at 10 Am.

  4. Depends on the industry to be honest. Some industries will struggle with adapting to a 4 day work week, although it is not impossible.

    In principle, the more days off work the better, even if 5 days worth of hours are pushed into 4 days.

    Then it depends whether the staff are comfortable with a 10 hour work day alongside commuting, much easier for the work from home lot, as a 10 hour day would equate to an 8 hour office day plus commute

  5. Yes, because my company basically does it now. We are all work from home, and come Friday it’s quiet. Most Fridays I treat has a day off and just casually check email.

  6. I do. I am productive maybe 4 to 5 hours a day, other 3 hours are chatting with colleagues, getting drinks, eating, taking small breaks, etc. etc. 32 hours a week would be plenty for most people to finish their work for the week. The extra 8 hours you are forced to be at the office don’t add anything. a 32 hour workweek (keeping the 40 hour salary that is) would prove to be healthy for a lot of people.

  7. Yes. It’s statistically proven workers are more productive when working 4 days vs 5. And when it’s proven, there’s no reason to convert to the 4 day week besides apprehension from the employers.

  8. My company has a culture that avoids Friday afternoon meetings unless absolutely necessary. This means we essentially work a 4-day work week. Pretty much everyone is willing to work a few extra hours M-Th to get Friday off. I love it.

  9. I used to work 4 days a week, 10 hours a day, still gave me full time. The 3 day weekends were incredible. It always felt like a mini vacation when I was off, then holidays would just extend it that much more. I would be all for it, even if I did 10 hours a day to still fulfill 40 hours.

  10. Yes. Maintaining a work/life balance is important and often difficult for many people. You’re no good to your friends and family if you are burnt out, tried, and stressed out. Having that third day really allows decompression.

    I’m fortunate enough that I have generous amounts of PTO that I can take, have the ability to work from home when I want, and I’m fortunate enough that I thoroughly enjoy my job.

  11. Sure, and I believe in the 4-hour work day too. Get your work done from 10-2 (in the office if you have one) and the two hours before and after you can just answer urgent emails as necessary.

  12. Yes, but it’s moot. With “and additional duties as expected”, and “you are always on call” enabling it will never come to fruition. I am using that word a lot today, not sure why.

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