Do you believe money can honestly buy happiness, and if so, why?

Do you believe money can honestly buy happiness, and if so, why?

What do you think?

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  1. It can up to a certain dollar amount – would 50 million a year make you happier than 40 million a year? Probably not, you probably wouldn’t notice a change in your life style.

    Would 75k a year be life changing to someone earning 30k a year? Absolutely, 100%. They could ensure their basic needs are met and according to maslow’s hierarchy of needs that basically paves the way to nirvana.

  2. Money can buy security and stability. That is generally where folks have time for personal relationships and endeavors where the fear of poverty, illness, debt aren’t predominant and real fears. Any point past that, money and stuff is a luxury to use for luxury things. It’s variable as a single person only needs so much, a couple with kids and dependent family members may need more.

  3. I think it can be a helpful component. for reference, I’m happier in general when I can take regular time off work. I need money to do that.

  4. It depends on how the money is used. If you use your money to not only buy your basic opportunities but also develop your personal competence, get therapy and work on personal fitness, it can directly position you to take all the fulfilling actions you need.

  5. Money prevents _some unhappiness_ but it absolutely does not provide happiness.

    Robin Williams. Anthony Bourdain. Chris Cornell. Kurt Cobain.

    All millionaires.

    Money won’t stop your wife from leaving you or your parents dying but it _will_ prevent some massive pain that most other people have to go through.

  6. Money can buy ease-of-mind. Bills always paid, money in the bank for emergencies, the ability to buy anything you need and have it delivered promptly, reliable vehicles… The list goes on.

    So essentially I don’t think money can buy happiness in any way besides temporary happiness through temporary things.
    Real happiness can’t be purchased for keeps.

  7. Not on its own.

    Happiness is a fickle thing.

    Money can definitely help with that, but it’s better at doing things like reducing stress and granting opportunities. It’s worse at things like achieving joy/peace/fulfilment.

  8. It is not the main reason for a person’s happiness, but definitely a strong pillar for the perfect mental and physical condition and it can also boost confidence, which can make people like you

  9. Actually I do believe it can. Here’s my example:

    DONUTNo no but serious answer now, I think it can. Maybe not in some cases but hey, If you buy your essentials and maybe then some, you might be happy.

    edit: My serious answer.

  10. I don’t believe money buys happiness, but it relieves the stress/anxiety of being able to afford basic necessities. Food, clothes and a roof over your head.

  11. Yes to a degree. So obviously there are depressed rich people and even giving lots of money to a person struggling with depression isn’t going to fix their mental health issues and make them happy. But giving even a few hundred dollars to a person on the edge of homelessness can certainly help their happiness. And even more that puts them on more stable footing can do a lot as well. So it depends on the person and the situation. It’s also got some diminishing returns too where after a certain point more money won’t make you happier.

  12. Yes , a lot of unhappy people are unhappy because they can’t afford simple things or simple needs , plus with money you buy whatever you want even people and friends sometimes

    So yes money is the key to happiness

  13. Maybe not true happiness, but it can buy peace of mind, and all of the things that make me happy. Give me 1 million dollars, and I’d be set for life. Yes, I know it’s not all that much, but I’d be able to pay off all my debt, my fiancée’s debt, get married and still have a good chunk of money to put into savings for retirement.

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