Do you brush your tongue when you brush your teeth? If so, why?

Do you brush your tongue when you brush your teeth? If so, why?

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  1. I use a tongue scraper.

    I can watch a large mass of white nastiness get scraped off my tongue. It smells terrible.

    Why? It is composed of bacteria, sugars and food particles, and bacteria shit. If the smell isn’t bad enough, the fact that it helps produce the acids that give me cavities is.

  2. You low-key need to deep throat that shit to kill the bacteria back there. Most of it hangs out at the back where the throat meets the tongue. I hate being a human. It’s fucking nasty sometimes. But after you brush, pop some mints and drink a cold glass of water to get the menthol and xylitol back there. You’ll have fresh breath for a while.

  3. Yes, because for my class’s 8th-grade science fair, in 1975, a student did a presentation about dental health, and it recommended brushing your tongue. Thanks, Jackie.

  4. No, my gag reflex does not allow it. I can barely brush my teeth sometimes wothout gagging.. I have woken up gagging from my mouth guard for bruxism (teeth grinding). The gagging can lead to vomiting, which IA worse than mot brushing my tongue.

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