Do you ever get hit by a wave of nostalgia so powerful that it hurts? What are you nostalgic for?

Do you ever get hit by a wave of nostalgia so powerful that it hurts? What are you nostalgic for?

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  1. There was a time in the late 90s when I was dancing on amazing ecstasy all night long until morning light.
    Then, continue to party by doing something that was called Tina, aka Ice.
    Those were magical times.
    The best times of my life.
    The music. The people. The euphoria.
    Sometimes, it’s too painful to look back. Life was easier. Life was fun. Never a dull moment. I took for granted and never thought that some day, the party would be over.
    So, my advice is to live life and take the most advantage of the moment and be responsible and safe. Because you may never know when your party might end. So please, make the most of the time you have now.

  2. Being able to think without being exhausted. Being able to sleep. Being able to live without wanting to die.

    I’m just nostalgic for peace of mind.

  3. The one that just about makes me wanna cry is the Donkey Kong County theme song. Makes me wanna go back to better times. Life was really nice being little always feeling safe with my family.

  4. Tactile information organization. A pile of file folders in a wooden inbox, card catalogues, using graph paper and a ruler, bus transfers with the little hole clicked where the time runs out, typewriters with a return arm (not a key, an arm!), those carbon duplicate memorandum forms.

  5. Whenever I see playgrounds I get hit by a huge wave of nostalgia and I remember playing with my friends when I was younger, not having a care in the world. Also for some reason sunsets make me nostalgic as well.

  6. Happens to me with music usually. I learn to just embrace it. We get sad because we fight it and feel sad about the past that we can’t get back.

    You don’t need to get it back, just enjoy it and let the memories flow.

  7. When I spray a certain air freshener I literally get an out of body experience, flashbacks to the happiest time period of my life, but I can’t get that joy as often as I want bc the memories will wash away with new ones

  8. I was driving past my local grocery store with my mom, it was super hot out. I looked out my window to see 5 or 6 little kids chilling on their bikes eating ice cream. It instantly gave me flashbacks to the days me and my friends would do the exact same thing. I’d love to go back to then

  9. I’m very nostalgic for the days before depression and anorexia swallowed me whole (pun intended). I want to eat birthday cake and pizza and drink full-sugar soda without a second thought. I’m supposed to be in recovery but some days it hurts so bad I want to lie down and let it kill me all over again. My liver nearly failed, my heart rate slowed to a crawl, my glucose levels were so low I nearly went into a coma, but recovery still hurts most of all. I miss the days before this.

  10. I get nostalgic for the 80s and 90s. People’s homes felt like lived in homes instead of some shit pulled out of an Ikea catalogue. For better or worse, kids didn’t really gave two shits about stress inducing global issues. Hanging out was more wholesome and multiplayer gaming was more personal, weekend beers and 4 player Goldeneye while shit talking eachother for screen watching was a blast.

  11. I drive past the house I grew up in. We sold it when I was 15 and my parents separated. Thus began ten years of itinerant renting and family trouble.

    The other day I imagined buying that house and moving back in. A wave of nostalgia hit me so hard I dropped my computer the floor.

    I realised that I have never once felt at home since we left that house, 26 years ago.

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