Do you gender swap in video games? If so why?

Do you gender swap in video games? If so why?

What do you think?

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  1. Sometimes. I love that pretty pretty princess shit. Even if I’m making some hulking orc warrior or something I want it to be *mine!* If I want to make some Amazonian paladin I’m gonna make damn sure she looks the part.

    It makes me difficult to be with when I’m starting a new game and my girlfriend just wants to see what the opening looks like.

  2. Sometimes yeah. Just depends what mood I’m in and who I think would be the best protagonist for the game I’m playing.

    If it’s a slash Em up, fighting game or RPG where you can choose, I quite like very fast and agile characters who can do a lot of quick attacks etc, so often I’ll go for a female.

  3. Depends on the game.

    I generally prefer a solid story, so usually the gender of the character is predetermined even if you can otherwise alter their look.

    In Which case I don’t care. I’m more fussed about the story then the gender of the protagonist.

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