Do you like cats? Why?

Do you like cats? Why?

What do you think?

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  1. Yes. Because they poop in a regular spot that I’m not in danger of stepping in when I go barefoot in my yard.

    I like dogs too but obviously for different reasons 😒

  2. I love cats, they are domesticated while still being feral. They will cuddle up at your neck purring,bthen to out at night and maim rats or birds and play with them while they die. They do not eat them, they bring them home as gifts for you as a trade for you feeding them treats.

    Loving and manipulative as hell. Highly intelligent while being as dull as a brush. The are living breathing contradictions that are as close to a wild animal you can actually live with

  3. I just do… they are cute and when I meet one and offer my hand and they give it the sniff and then the gentle headbutt I feel chosen and like accepted into some secret society lol.

    They have fun personalities and are interesting to watch.

    Still think that letting them roam freely enmasse isn’t a good idea for nature. They are an invasive species and the most potent killer in the animal kingdom.
    I like birds etc too

  4. Yes, they seem to understand me and enjoy affection but are independent. They make adorable vocalizations and actively seek me out. They will curl up in your lap and purr themselves to sleep. They’re very sweet. 😺

  5. Yes.

    Pretty, keep your lap warm, independent, playful, clean. If neutered most are not aggressive. If you keep the claws regularly trimmed and scratching posts don’t damage things. Fairly cheap.

  6. yes. many of them have a strong sense of empathy. some choose to ignore you if you are crying, but when a cat truly loves you they will be the first living being by your side to comfort you- even if it doesnt mean pets and snuggles. they also attempt to heal mental and physical wounds through purring, as its been proven to decrease heart rate, and for cats it was evolved for healing bone and tissue. when cats purr from contentment, they are expressing a desire to help you.

  7. Yep, they are mostly self-sufficient, love you on their terms which is cool with me and make the best sleep buddies, at least mine do, all three of them. They are also cute AF!!! I have dogs as well but they’re a hassle and I do love them, but that’s a whole ‘nother story 🙂

  8. My cat hates it when I’m upset. If I’m in an argument with someone here he’ll meow until I calm down. He knows when I’m in pain. I have chronic migraine and if I’m upset because of the pain and laying down, he’ll last on me. It’s awesome.

  9. well, i have five, so that should answer your first question. as for the second question: i like them because they are funny. each of my cats have their own distinct personality and lore, they are endlessly amusing creatures.

  10. My family always hated cat growing up because our neighbors had really annoying cats and my mum was allergic. But I have nothing against them and find most of them really cute.

  11. No, they’re mean. If they’re not mean and cuddle they stretch and claw the shit out if your new slacks.

    I don’t hate them, but they’re not ideal. Litter boxes, semi nocturnal, annoying. Don’t get defensive on me, they’re useful but generally indoor cats aren’t what I want out of a pet. People like them because they’re more independent? Cool, why have a pet then? In my experience good dogs are just as good as cats at worst. At best they smell cancer on you.

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