Do you still use a face mask in public? Why or why not?

Do you still use a face mask in public? Why or why not?

What do you think?

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  1. If I’m in a place where it is required or requested, I will wear a mask without any sort of additional argument or discussion.

    Otherwise, generally not.

  2. I do. Apart from the BA.5 variant popping up more, I’ve been pretty sick the past month, so I’m trying to minimize any chance I might pick up something (and, also, giving anything to someone else).

  3. yes. people are still dying. I’m double-vax so I’m probably safe but I don’t know if I’m asymptomatically contagious and I don’t want to pass on a deadly disease.

  4. Yes. Because:

    -I still feel like it still protects against strains.

    -I haven’t had so much as a cold since I’ve worn it.

    -After wearing it for 2 years, I’m used to it and feel naked without it.

    -I enjoy the anonymity of it because I’ve always been shy and hated my smile.

    -It doesn’t cause me any discomfort whatsoever.

    -Some cultures in Asia have always worn masks in public and get along just fine.

  5. Yeah and became It helps.

    A little mask I better than some future long haul effects people have no knowledge of now. If chicken pox gives you shingles later whos to say C doesn’t give you asthma, or an allergy to caffeine. the knows of a mask unknowns of side effects

  6. If I’m outside then no. Inside? Yes. The pandemic isn’t over, cases are rising again, and I don’t know how covid will hit me. Plus all of the long term effects, and I want to protect those around me

  7. Never. I been done for a while. It’s been two years it’s time to move on. It’s obvious they won’t let us stop and I’m not wearing one forever

  8. Yes, but not always. I will in the winter because I found it kept my face nice and warm when it was windy. Also if there is alot of pollen I will, just because allergies suck.

  9. No I don’t wear a mask

    Because laws where Im from are ok now which is normalized like before you can take down your mask if you want or you could even wear it for your own safety.

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